Is our kenyan society heading to the dogs,or,is it in the brink of ruin?Where did our morals disappear to,which identified our cultural societal set-up?And,where are the society’s role models whom the growing youths can identify with and adore?

Going by the latest antics  by college/campus bound youth are anything to go by and what is unfolding,then in the near future we might not have a society to identify with because our society is on a downturn spiral ruin.It’s throwing it’s last kicks.It’s doomed to obvilion  with uncertainty future hanging loose.The occurences that are unfolding in our society are devious in nature which are totally against our cultural beliefs.We have run out of the course,and,that’s why most of the happenings are heading to the hay-wire.

Recently a highly published story graced our media outlets ,which was on everybody’s lips ,which was the subject of discussion ,and ,the story involved a female Nairobi University student who was mysteriously murdered and her body dumped on the highway after attending a highly exclusive party.According to the sources the party was held at a resort restaurant which was attended by high flying big moneyed boys.That death of the said student was shrouded with mystery as most people tried to unravel what transpired that night she met her death.

Even the police have not yet resolved the murder,the culprits are roaming scot free as they haven’t yet being brought to the book.They are trying to join the dotted lines ,while moving round the circles .But,looking at the murder at a distance ,one can complete the circuit and the involvement of high powered personalities is blocking the resolvement of the case.

But,as we mourn the death ,another chapter unfolded which was painted black ,and ,this chapter tells it all ,it brought the true picture to the fore and to the open  of how our female students are engaging in promiscous  sex exchange for cash while in campus.The picture that was brought out is that most of them do live a double life.According to informative sources and what’s in public domain is that most of the university girls do engage in prostitution ,while others are cohabiting with wealthy sugar daddies in cash for sex exchange.

And, in an almost coincidence as the dust of that mysterious death had not settled before another female college student was found murdered in a lodging.These actions speaks volumes of how entrenched this behaviour is.It seems as if it is the order in our colleges and Universities for our female studentsto engage in.

And,it wasn’t along time ago that a story  highlighted how some University students were caught in the act in the Kenya’s redlight district”koinange street”while soliciting in prostitution business.And,to put the last nail on the coffin a feature story was carried out in one of the daily newspaper after that female student’s death where most of the students admitted engaging in prostitution ,while others admitted the presence of secret wealthy sugar daddies who happens to be their lovers.To their arguements they do engage in this immoral activity so as to supplement their income ,live a decent life and above all make the ends meet.

Most of them  admitted that they goes for the cash loaded boyfriends ,who are wealthy businessmen and highflying politicians who have what it takes to cater and provide.

With these revelations which are tip of an iceberg ,as it unfolds showcases how our society has decayed ,rotten to it’s roots due to these immoralities .This is how a decaying society manifests itself.

And,parents must monitor their children in campuses.The death of the university and college students should be a wake-up call to all parents to closely monitor what their children are up to in campuses.Alarm bells should be sent out to caution the would be girls who ,might lured and tempted by loose money to join these immoralities.

In these days and age students are seeking for the shortcuts ways to accumulate wealthy fast without the hustles of employment .Students come face to face with wealthy  and are under pressure to keep up with mates hence the easier way in shortcuts where the students are indeed  gangsters,carjackers ,sex-traders and murderers.

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