Just imagine a situation where, the Kenyan ambassador in USA Honorable, Ogingo Ongego, wakes up one day and start dictating terms and lecturing the United States Government, on how they can resurrect the fallen financial marketers or how they will conduct the forthcoming elections, or he starts throwing  barbs to the Bush administration for its ambassadors in other western countries, that’s Britain ,France, Germany and start meddling into the internal affairs of these countries.

            Such a move can cause brimless across the board with serious repercussions with either the depravation of the ambassador or tough imposition of economic embargo to sabotage the country.

            This is the situation that is happening in Kenya, the USA and its western allies have trespassed into our internal affairs, which has led the minister of foreign affairs which has led the minister of foreign Affairs, Hon Moses Wetangula to protect over the issue and what he is referring to as internal interference the minister has protested against continued aggressive and suppression by western n diplomats as they tries to dictate terms in our country.

This comes hot on heels after the independent Review Commission, that’s the kinglier commission recommended that the electoral Commission (E.C.K) must be overhauled to attracted credibility. The electoral commission have received numerous tantrums been thrown to them after they were accused that they manhandled poorly the last years general election.

It has turned out to be the bone of contention with the cabinet already split over the issue. Some cabinet ministers have vowed to ensure that the ECK commission must resign or be forced of office. The other proponents have come out strongly in defense of Eck by stating that the rule of law must be adhered to.

But the whole issue that is the agitation of ECK commission resignation or be forced out of office is been blown out of proportion as our constitution clearly states that there are guidelines that must be adhered to if we want to remove them out of office.

The Americans have stepped up their threat, after they threatened to withdraw and slap a ban on their visas, if commissioners wont resign.  This comes hot on heels after the American officials paid a courtesy call to the Electoral Commission chairman, Samuel Kivuitu, in his office.  From the look of things, what transpired from that meeting it seems they had gone to exert pressure on ECK to resign.

Their ambassador is leading the call for the ECK commissioners to resign and also pushing for the implementation of the Kriegler report.  Bur why is it that the western diplomatic missions and to the extent their countries continue to dictate terms to third world countries as if, they don’t have their own set up of rules to govern them and a constitution to guide them?

Our honourable minister has a right to protest because Kenya is a sovereign state that’s been governed by its own constitution and above all, we do have our own set of rules on how we can resolve such an issue.  As a country we must not be dictated upon on how we can govern ourselves.

Most of these western countries are well known for their underhand dealings tactics towards the developing countries, as their exploits them whereas they are gaining.  It’s also a well known fact that the grants they do offer is stringed attached with a set up of conditionality’s which sometimes derails the developing countries.  They also come to us under the guise of World Bank and International Monetary Fund. (IMF).

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