The former International Criminal Court,prosecutor ‘s recent revelation concerning Kenyan cases at the Court

The former International Criminal Court prosecutor,Luis Moreno Ocampo’s recent revelation that he was under intense pressure from some western diplomats to block President Uhuru ,and,his Deputy ,Ruto,from contesting in the last general election sent shockwaves throughout the country which made us to be abit wary.That revelation came like a shocker to most Kenyans.And,that assertion needs a further explanation and unfolding to uncover the truth.

That revelation by Ocampo eroded the credibility of the International Criminal Court,as the Court of the last resort in prosecuting crimes against humanity .But,if the Office of the Prosecutor attracts negative attributes and interference from outside forces then it renders it as below the par.And,concerning the Kenyan cases, the office of the prosecutor has come under close scrutiny over how it conducted the investigations .The Office was accused of using the third parties in outsourcing investigations and evidence.

Thus,Ocampo’s statement confirmed this held narrative and fears that the African States do have over the Court;that this Court is skewed and biased in it’s work of dissimenting justice.For quite along time Africa had this held argument that the Court is selective ,as it targets africans while ignoring other hotspots where more serious atrocities are committed .

Crimes against humanity that were committed in Afghanistan,Libya,Iraq , Palestine and recently Syria where thousands of innocent lifes were lost nobody has been prosecuted;this I.C.C has turned a blind eye to these henous atrocities.And,the reason why the court hasn’t acted on them is simply because they were committed by the super countries who happens to be big violators of human rights.

And,concerning the Kenyan cases this assertion confirmed the long held argument that there was underhand forces that were hell bent to interfere with these cases.These cases were stage managed to block certain candidates while at the same time favouring others.To most Kenyans these cases at the Hague were interfered with.Coaching of witnesses ,bribing them to give false evidence to fix the suspects confirms this

These held argument were confirmed by Johnnie Carson,prior to the last general election when he told Kenyans that some choices Kenyans are intending to make will have consequences “choices have consequences”.And,in the on-going trial of Deputy-president ,William Ruto,his lead counsel Karim Khan,while cross-examining a witness ,he accused USAID ,an American Non-Govermental organisation ,who were recruiting and bribing witnesses to indict the suspects.

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