Does the International Criminal Court Prosecutor ,Ms Fatou Bensouda,have a case to prosecute?

What is occasioning these massive withdrawals of witnesses who are recanting their testimonies concerning the Kenyan cases at the International Criminal Court?Is the International Criminal Court,prosecutor,Fatou Bensouda,prosecuting flawed cases if these recanting are anything to go by? Did the cases took a political angle,and,are there underhand dealings?

The rate at which these witnesses are recanting their statements are raising ironical questions which tells a lot .And,the stories they are narrating lays bare the underhand dealings of what is transpiring behind the scenes.A case in point remains of that guy who recanted his testimony after he was duped to become a witness by some Non Governmental Organisations officials in return of good monetary gains.He was coached and bribed to implicate the suspects to the cases they are facing at the I.C.C.

And,what is unfolding it seems ,the International criminal court prosecutor has built her case like a mud house in a hurricane prone areas ,which with all indications it might collapse like a pack of cards.The adjournment of Deputy president William Ruto’s trial at it’s initial stage bears the witness

But,we can’t rule out the case which is in it’s initial stages ,and,once the court rises ,we will start to get the real indications whether I.C.C prosecutor ,Ms,Bensouda ,does have a case to nail the suspects for crimes against humanity.We should learn whether Ms Bensouda,inherited a poisoned chalice from her showman predecessor,Luis Moreno Ocampo,and,then decided to run with a hopeless case;or,whether the orchestrated withdrawal of key witnesses has dealt a blow to the prosecution

And,no doubt the prosecution has been badly hit by the steady haemorrhage of key witnesses essential to placing the accused at the centre of planning and executing the post election violence.If the defections are mortals to the case ,playing cry-baby and pointing fingers at the defence for allegedly intimidating ,threatening and bribing witnesses into pulling out will not help.Not unless the court accepts statements from witnesses who have already recanted.

If Ms Bensouda can prove ,however ,that the defence is directly responsible for interfering with witnesses that could add another dimension to the case and also set the ground for the laying of new charges .For the time being ,however ,she will have to go with what she has

But ,will these Kenyans cases at International criminal courts go to the full circle,if what is transpiring is anything to go by?And,does Ms Bensouda have a case to prosecute?Right from day one when Mr Ocampo named the so-called Ocampo 6 there has been counter-accusations that the prosecutor’s office didn’t conduct it’s own credible investigations to warrant a case.It relied heavily on reports of NGOs,human rights groups and Waki commission.The witnesses the I.C.C relied on were coached and bribed by these Non governmental organisations to implicate these suspects.

And,these NGOs stands accused in some quarters for acting at the behest of western nations

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