……The Independent Election and Boundaries Commission:As a Commission that oversees Election,it has a duty and mandate to protect its reputation of conducting a credible general election and this will be put to the test before , and , after August 8….

As the country gears up for the forthcoming general election…..it is the mandate and task of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to make sure that it conducts a free and fair poll. It must deliver fair polls to avert violence.

Thus, their primary mandate is to conduct a credible general election which will pass the litmus test of which will be acceptable across the political divide.

So, as Independent Election and Boundaries Commission continues to prepare for this uphill task, we must commend them for the preparation they are making for the August 8 polls.We must give them moral support as they burn the midnight oil as they work on this tedious job of ensuring everything is rightfully placed before the August 8 polls.

They must be given the necessary resources and manpower that they will require so that they can deliver a credible election on that material day.

What Kenyan citizenry want is the fair election.And, our hope is that Independent Election and Boundaries Commission will be up to the task and will serve justice to the Kenyan voter……as fairness and credible election results in a peaceful co-existence.

This upcoming general election has to be different from previous ones that had their fair share of shortcomings.We do hope and believe that this time around the situation will be corrected by the electoral commission.

The forthcoming general election will be a make, or, break affair not only for top presidential and other elective posts contender but the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission as well. As a Commission that oversees elections, the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission has a mandate and duty to protect its reputation of conducting credible elections and this will be put to the test before and after August 8.

They will either have made a name or, dented its image.It should obey the wishes of the majority of voters and ensure the polls are free and fair and not bungled.They must pass the credibility test.

But, a cloud of controversy and doubt has engulfed the electoral commission due to the issues such as the awarding of the ballot printing tender to the Dubai- based Al-Ghurair firm.The issue has been marked by controversy.

National Super Alliance [NASA] and the Catholic Church have opposed the decision to give the Dubai firm the go-ahead to print ballot papers.The verdict of this latest controversy awaits the court’s verdict after National super alliance lodged a case challenging the awarding of the tender.

But, the electoral process in Kenya has been dogged by controversies ever since.And, the results of the 2007 general election were bungled and led to mayhem.The Kriegler Commission, which examined the elections concluded the polls were thoroughly flawed, and, that it was impossible to determine who actually won.

This set the basis for review and redefining electoral management and in recent times, the Election Act, which was amended with the accent on a transparent and effective administration of the process and accurate and foolproof transmission of results through electronic means.

The Electoral Commission must put in place effective systems for monitoring and track the performance of the field staff to ensure the sanctity of polling, vote tallying and declaration.

We have come a long way in transforming the electoral process and as we count the gains, emphasis must be on execution, because that is what determines whether we succeed, or, fail.

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