To develop a beautiful kallipollis, state, republic or an association where the subjects can thrive in place and live harmoniously then an enabling environment with its conduciveness supportive of their endeavors must be created. That is each an every sector of governance be it in politics, economics fabric must be leveled.

It is in this kind of environment that the subject who possesses burning ambitions, dreams and desires can make it a reality. But, if it happens that the surface is uneven then all manners of malpractice infiltrates,

The situations or big fortune, euphoric wave must not swerve nor dictate or becomes the determinant factor to be realization of this realities because at the other end it becomes an impediment that hinders.

But , in Africa, we always goes to the contrary, parallel to the course and that is why I think we have slugged behind in the development of our kallipollis to greater heights of prosperity. There are many underlying problems that we do create which whitewashes the gains we have made.

Most of these shenanigans happen in our systems of governance and in politics where money plays an integral part of the creation. The well money-oiled personality always carries the day irrespective of whether they are good leaders or not ignoring the merits. Money always sidelines meritocracy.

But, can politics and money be the modest companions? Can they be both intermediaries to each other? And, why is it that money always becomes a common denominator in politics, and, why is it that it is each others substitute?

In Kenyan politics money and politics are twin brothers and this has always been the true reality on the ground. If it happens that you do not have the money then the next step is that you should forget any elective post if you are garning for it as you cannot maneuver in politics without them.

Going by what transpired in the just concluded by-elections then it unfolded everything. If the behind the scenes happenings that is rumoured to have happened that is voter’s bribery in those areas are anything to go by then we can conclusively conclude that in Kenyan politics money and politics are each other’s intermediary. It showcased that money is a key ingredient and a primary factor in our political demography.

According to highly informed sources which also played itself in the open in The constituencies where these by-elections were held namely Juja, makadara and starehe stories made circles of how candidates dished a lot of money to influence the outcome so that they can be elected as member of parliament .One candidate bragged of how he used more than shs150million (1.8 million dollars) in that by-election. After the announcement of the outcome results complainants were leveled over the influence of money factor.

But, as country are we going to compromise our politics, national issues and political scenes at the expense of money? Are we trending to the point where we shall throw our conscious minds out of the window, disregard real issues and substitute them with money?

In analysis that by-election it seems as if we are tarmacking on a narrow path which will lead us to nowhere in particular, and , if it accelerates it will compromise hinder the real issues that needs to be addressed and implemented to be ignored which are keys to the development of the country. And, it seems as if it is a bad precedent we are laying out knowing concerning the nature of our politics.

As a matter of fact this is not way to go as it might curtail the electing of articulate and charismatic leaders with virtuous character at the behest of political elites, barons and politicians just because they have the money. The greed of power is their guiding principle and character wise they do not possess the true instincts that identifies a true leader. They only cater for their own selfish interests and agendas at the expense of real issues that affect people.

And, this happens to be the greatest blunders that most African state does commit; trapping themselves in this political quagmire. We do elect politicians in total disguise as our leaders which compromise the whole political process. They don’t have a strategy, agenda or the necessary goodwill to propel the country, for they only baits corruption, impunity and mismanagement.

These political malpractices are the ones that make charismatic leaders to shy away from electoral offices and thus sidelining them from key decision making policies.

According to author Robert Greene, in his famous book THE 48 LAWS of POWER while commenting on the power and money writes that in the real of power everything must under obligation. Generosity softens people up-to be deceived be judged by its cost and everything has a price. Being open and flexible with money also teaches the value of strategic generosity, a variation on the old trick of “giving when you are about to about to take” By giving money you put the recipient.

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