The day January 15th at 9 o‘clock in the evening the television news were awash with total chaotic scenarios in the name of demonstration. The business people and the innocent citizen who were caught in the ensuing melee were counting losses and to most of them lives will never be the same again.

They will live a life of regrets, because they were injured, their properties were looted or, lot a special attachment to.

These heinous and devious activities all unfolded in the name of demonstration in the near future there will come a time where even a mere mention of the word demonstration will cause irritations and cold shivers down the spine. A moment of recall in that Friday’s violent fracas tells it all.

On that fateful day, as the day crawled to the night the fracas had consumed million of shillings worth of property. Destruction was the order of the day, business windscreens shattered and basically the day’s normal operations were interrupted as the Fracas silenced, one person was dead, and scores of others sustained serious injuries including the anti-riot policemen.

But, the big question still begs, when will demonstrations ever be peaceful? And, why is it that if there’s any demonstration that has been called it all ends up been violent leaving a trail of Wanton destruction of property? When will Kenyans learn to air their grievances in a disciplined manner? Demonstrations started, it didn’t take long before stones and other missiles started flying.

But, in the name of demonstration, are we playing with the fire, courting it, or, are we agitating for one? Did the government analyze the aftermath of the violent fracas, read any ironical and ill motive maneuvers behind the scenes all in the name of the religious demonstration?

What transpired and the occurrences which propped up during that violent fracas calls for a million dollar question which must be carefully analyzed and resolved amicably.

The demonstration was called by a Muslim activist group to press the government to release the deported bound controversial Jamaican Preacher, Abdalla Al-Faisal, who has been in detention pending his deportation after he was linked to terrorism. The government found itself in a tight corner inhaling it’s own fumes of it’s mistake as the preacher is an unwelcome guest and no country want to touch him. And how he managed to enter and found a safe haven in our country is a matter of concern and it showcases how vulnerable we are and serious flaws in our governance.

The controversial Jamaican Cleric has been linked to acts of terrorism and that is why no country wants to grants him a transit Visa passage to his country. He served a seven year jail term in the United Kingdom for hate speech and advocating the murder of Jews. He was stripped off his British citizenship, and, his association with serial suicide bombers is well known .he has been described as a radical extremist with extreme ideals which are e much associated with terrorism. His presence in the country has turned out to be a big headache for the Kenyan government and brought unnecessary hatred and acrimony.

But, what was this demonstration all about was it worth to be called for? This was totally uncalled for, because, why is it that Kenyans are more concerned about a Jamaican who is in a terrorist watch list than their follow citizens? and ,why is it that this hosts are the very ones who have been suspected of terrorist activities ?don’t these demonstrators who are eager to sympathize and embrace foreigner don’t realize they may be courting a time bomb which can bring forth grief in the country as it happened in the past.

The unfolding scenario sends to the governments to be alert and avert any ill-motive which might be in the offing after it transpired that sympathizers of Somalia’s Al-shabaab groups had infiltrated it. And, the most disgusting thing about the pro-Faisal was the shameless display of the Al-shabaab’s after one man was caught on camera displaying it.

The government should take this as a warning sigh that some elements of Al-Shabaab may have infuriated the country .this was clear after the government’s crackdown swoop of all their aliens in the country netted illegal foreigners especially from Somalia.

The government should move fast to curb the speed of this deadly ideology which poses a serious security threat to the country.

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