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politics,strategic political player,posh comes to a shove,retreat……In politics,when a posh comes to a shove,……it’s better you call it quits and take a hasty retreat ,or,you take the blame.According to the laws of the nature of justice ,which are applicable in politics,if a political tidal wave becomes a threatening phenomenon which might frustrate and sabotage you,or,a political divorce of which might submerge you and force you to play the second fiddle at the whims of your political opponent ,it’s better you call it quits.

Having a change of the course of your manoeuvring strategies is best retreat you can undertake as a strategic political player,so as to be relevant with the political times.Thus,this statement underlines the irony behind a manoeuvring strategy that goes haywire of which is heading to the rocks.

In politics,as a strategic political player who possesses a burning ambition and a dream ,when your opponent tries to block ,hamper,or,sabotage your political ambition it’s best you play your cards well.And,if it happens you are in the same house with your opponents ,it’s best you play your cards close to the chest ,while at the same time taking well calculated political moves.

At all times,so as to be relevant in politics ,place yourself at a strategic position in case of a retreat ,if times gets rough and tough.This position will give you an edge ,an advantage and varied options to aid you in your political manouevres.

Overtly,this is the position Deputy Prime minister ,Musalia Mudavadi,found himself in .After staying in the O.D.M party for a long time where he deputised the party leader,the Prime minister,Raila Odinga,he came to a point of no return where he decided he must part ways with the party;he was seeking for a political divorce so as to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

After procrastinating for a while ,he realized that the grass might be greener across the ridge ,and that’s why he decided to cross the river.

The Deputy Prime minister ,thought wise that he had a dream and an ambition for contesting for the presidency in the forthcoming general elections .And,after many days of soul searching and procrastinating a lot he decided that he might not realize his dream while within the O.D.M party ,and,at the long last he called it quits when the posh came to a shove,before it was too late.

It is worth noting that he had vowed to challenge the Prime minister,for the party primary presidential nominations ,and,that’s why he had called for the ratification of the party nomination rules.But,a cloud of doubt and a smell of a rat made him to take a retreat ,have a change of heart and eventually changing his course of action after realizing that he might be short changed in favour of the Prime minister.

His decision to challenge the P.M had precipitated a clash of opinions within the O.D.M party ,with the Prime minister’s loyalist foot soldiers bashing him to relinguish his ambition in favour of Prime minister .They argued that there was an external force behind the Deputy prime minister ‘s move.They fueled his departure easier due to their continued attack on him which were meant to frustrate him.

One social commentator argued that the Nyanza Members of Parliament asking Mr.Mudavadi,to relinguish his post are not being genuine .Mudavadi has a right to express his displeasure with O.D.M ‘s ways of doing things.This tendency where one is only good when he or she is supporting our “tribe” is not good for this country.Ironically,these are the people who wants us to believe they are democrats.

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