……..With the hindsight of the 2007/8 Post Election chaos fresh in our memories ,we can’t afford to blunder again as nation in the forthcoming general election……

……With the hindsight of the 2007 post election chaos fresh in our memories,we can’t afford to blunder again as a nation in the forthcoming general election.And,with an impending general election forthcoming in a matter of days ……as Kenyan citizenry we do have a case to worry about …….The uncertain political times and the possibility of post election chaos.

Any general election in Kenya unfolds political uncertainities and rekindles bad moments which have engulfed our country after any election .The general election in Kenya acts as the devil within in our nation.

And,for a long time the ghosts of 2007/8 post election chaos will keep on haunting us forever.Any election that will be forthcoming will always rekindle and arouse those ghosts which engulfed our country in the year 2007/8 ,after the 2007 general election.It will forever go down in our history books as one of the bad moments we experienced as a nation.

In the year 2007 general election our country slipped into an abyss as we watched after a hotly contested elections in an already polarised country which saw the former President Kibaki been declared as the eventual winner.Raila Odinga disputed the results …..and,no sooner ……Kenya was burning.

The aftermath of the post election chaos was that almost 1200 Kenyans were killed,many others were seriously injured,thousands displaced from their homes…as wanton destruction of properties became the order of the days.

And,it is worth noting that prior to that 2007 general election the country was already polarised .The political class had poisoned the country by planting the seed of political intolerance that we sowed in the form of post election violence.They planted the seeds of tribalism,negative ethnicity and hatred using hate speeches as the catalyst so much that it backfired disastrously leading to post election violence.

But,since then ,a lot has passed under the bridge as the country metamorphosized politically,socially and economically.And,whether we healed and tolerated each other as a nation will be a discussion for another day.The pertinent issues that had made Kenya burn stalled along time ago and they haven’t been addressed fully.

The war lords,political class and tribal chieftains who were responsible for igniting the 2007/8 post election chaos continues to ignite small fires un-abaited ,while not putting into consideration the negative repercussions it might precipitate thereafter.

And,to the contrary ,they should lead from the front ,when it comes to the healing of the nation.They should preach the gospel of cohesiveness among the different tribes so that they can accomodate and tolerate each other irrespective of their tribal and political inclinations.The language of our tribe and people shouldn’t be in the Kenyan citizenry mindsets.

That’s why with the forthcoming general election ,we must ponder and ask hard questions concerning the political destiny and certainty of our country in relation to the forthcoming general election.We must interrogate our modes of politicking ,and,our politics to see whether it binds Kenyans ,or,it makes them disintegrate.

We must hold the political class on their words and not give them any platform which they might use to provoke and propagate political uncertainty and intolerance among the Kenyan people.They must be made to understand that the unity of Kenyans is paramount compared to their selfish and parochial interests.

Methinks also that we don’t learn from our past mistakes and experiences .We tend to circumvent to the same quagmire that holds us hostage of which makes us feel the pain.

A case in point is the usage of hate speeches by the political class to advance their political discourses.They use this poisonous political tool to propagate and sow the seed of discord among Kenyans so that they can infiltrate tribalism,negative ethnicity and political intolerance ….and,at the end of it,they can advance their political sojourn.

Most of them cast venomous aspersions and vituperations on each other in full knowledge that it will backfire…of which is the scar that keeps on haunting us.

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