Hard times have started taking roots. All over the world, it seems as if sailing at tough times and every body is crying especially in developing countries because of high cost of living

Everything seems to have skyrocketed to an optimum high beyond most people’s reach.

 It seems as if we are living in desperate times where especially in Africa, most people live beyond below the poverty line, that’s below a dollar in a day.

            To most families, the wage and expenses bills have skyrocketed beyond the income that’s been generated. A glance at electricity, water and basic necessity bills that needs to be catered for then you compares it with the income pay slip. It sum up to negatives

The commodities that drives the world economics have skyrocketed to almost three digit figures that the oil and electricity prices. which are been further fueled by high inflation rates. The high prices of these commodities have pushed the basic commodities to an almost high price of which is driving most Kenyans nuts.

            As oil prices short up, the price of basic commodities shot up by as much as200 percent, with electricity going up by 300 percent. It seems as if everything will guide to a halt in the near future if the situation won’t be arrested. A rise in these two commodities affect the whole sectors of economic which rendering most business unmanageable

            The stalling of finance markets in USA which has spilled over to the developing worlds economic has not saved the situations.

            But we’re perplexed by the refusal of oil companies to reduce oil prices despite the falling prices of crude oil internationally. The price of crude oil has fallen by over $30 per barrel, yet our fuels prices have not fallen not only are the actions of oil companies unethical, but also go against economic rights of Kenyans. This means that the oil companies profit at the expense of Kenyans

            These companies must be compelled to reduce the pump prices so as to confirm with the required prices without taking advantage of the disadvantaging. The government must protect its citizens from these unscrupulous dealers.

But the government   seems to be mere puppet or a toothless lion, I f the recent remarks lamented by energy minister is anything to go by to boycott oil companies that are changing highly. As a government minister his call doesn’t augur well to Kenyans as it depicts a government that’s so helpless it cannot protect its citizen ns from this wanton theft.

If the minister can assume the role of civil society, all indications are that we are truly at the mercy of oil dealers. The tactics by energy minister to resort to activism in dealing with the run away fuel prices is unworkable. The minister should deal with these unscrupulous oil dealers rather than going the activist way. Which won’t work?

Employees are being retrenched as employers pay more to electricity bills. If the government doesn’t react swiftly Kenyans will die of hunger. Electricity costs have risen sharply this year and K.P.L has someone else to blame that’s raising petroleum prices in the international market.

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