Has the right moment dawned for the vital generational and societal change in our midst, society, associations and state? Is it the right moment to take the positive strides? Each and every passing day, any situation and everyday challenges have always proved to be a major calling changes in our lives be it socially, culturally, economically, behavioral, politically and institutionally.

These factors which direct us have been cited as impediments, barriers which blocks the necessary transformation of the society – the vital change. According to DAVID LANDES, the author of the wealth and poverty of Nations, he argues that it is not the want of money that holds back development. The biggest impediment is social, cultural and technological unreadiness – want of knowledge and knowhow.

But, according to ARISTOTLE, a society is an association based on mutual understanding with virtues as guiding principles which identifies the people in that association. And, how they want to live and interact is heavily influenced by societal, cultural and social rules and regulations based upon on mutual understandings on how they want to exist. For that association to stand the test of times it must have harmony and a peaceful co- existence on the part of the people that they can accommodate each other.

He further argues that change is inevitable and to execute that change in the association can turn to be an uphill task, an insurmountable challenge. Hence, it is worth noting that nothing. Change is inevitable and it starts from within and the longer for that change the more they do stay the same.

People have always longed for the vital changes in their lives be it culturally, socially, economically and politically. Change has always been in the offing’s right from the start of human creation as human beings aren’t contended with the way they do live and how we hastle with our daily engagements. We always strive to live, stay a better life and in predicament trying to uplift our living conditions which at times calls for adjustments – change.

Also, the ever changing and revoluting world sometimes tests us with challenges which calls us to attune ourselves with the current times. The level of Civilization, modernization, technology advances and interactive cultures keeps on changing from one generation to the next, from a country to another and between continents which all calls for adoption, hence change.

If you happen to compare our times and yesteryears of our fore fathers there has been a lot of differences in all frontiers. lot of technological, civilization, inventions and modernization advances have been advanced into the new world. So it is a call from time

Immemorial which has taken It’s roots within the people as it an infinite continous process as each day, any situation, times and challenges proves to be the turning point to any change.

According to NAPOLEON HILL the author of THINK AND GROW RICH, any idea whether good, bad or that of change starts as a thought in our minds in the sub conscious chamber. Our minds are at all times in gear, engaged due to everyday engagements and challenges. These challenges are the ones which makes us to call or adopt these vital changes.

According to DAVID LANDES, these changes breeds equality which enhances self esteem, ambition and a readiness to enter and complete in the marketplace, or spirit of individualism and contentiousness. In a country of continuing revolution old ways have little leverage.

But, until when shall we embrace these changes fin our midst? our own life have always proved to be a major challenge to our own psyches which at times becomes too much problematic which calls for vital solutions. And, this where a call of change emancipates according to the situation, or how we live and handle our lives.

Politically, due to the nature of politics of the day a republic often experiences a call for political change. In a democratic state where political completion thrives the calls for political realignments are always eminent.

The same case applies in our systems of governance; the more we put them under microscopic survey the more we all yearn for them to be changed. We need a set of rules which will enable us to develop and protect us.

Vital change happen to be a crucial key element and an ingredient for any kind of development to take place, it is a master key. Also, a good constitution it is a factor and whether our new constitution dispensation will be an ingredient time will tell.

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