From tribal clashes to post election violence’s, displacements of certain tribes, tribal animosities, tribalism, ethnic hatred, corruption in our system of our governance coupled by inefficiencies, poor management, too much bureaucracies, all those has been the hallmark which characterizes our system of governance and the political arena and acts as a major stumbling block, a hiccup in the growth as a country.

These political poisonous laden delicacies are supplemented by lies, slander cheap propaganda, threats and incitements which happen to be the staples of Kenyan political discourse. These are the insanities that spew from our political soap box.


For a state of republic to take a positive stride to enhance its prosperity economically, socially and politically, it must lay down key fundamental regulations which acts as guiding principles in its agenda without violation. Outermost the rule of law must prevail and upheld at all time regardless of one’s status in the society. The same case applies to dissemination of justice.

That state must adopt the moral virtues that underline good and transparent governance, sound management of state funds, and efficient delivery of services in an environment which does not tolerate corruption. And, above all that state must produce a government that instills and treats all it’s citizens equally, breaches the inequality gap between the have and the have knots as this is the where lies the discontentment foundation, where the elites takes advantage to manipulate.

That state or republic that practices those moral virtues automatically levels its political arenas. With the levelness sprouts out good, charismatic and virtueous leaders who possess the necessary will power to lead and influence the masses he or she is leading.

And with that already in place comes the coolness and calmness of the political waters thus creating an enabling environment navigatable by the big and small boats, where all the big and small fish swims together as birds of the same flock. Any bias-ness, favourism, manipulation of the system to any advantage and the ills that be-devils they system are totally out of order.

With these moral virtues in place brings happiness on th part of the part of the inhabitants of that state. According to Aristotle, in his famous book, THE POLITICS, he wrote that from his observation tells us that every state is an association, and that every association is formed with a view to some good old purpose because in all their actions all men infact aim at what they think is good. All associations aim at some good, that association which is the most sovereign among them all and embraces all others will aim highest, at the most sovereign of any good.

He further writes that for that association to prosper, the citizens must possess a unity of purpose devoid of any negative attributes. That state must have the basics that underlines and identifies. That state must have the basic that underlines and identifies it and its citizens which brings happiness. To him, happiness is an activity and a complete utilization of virtue, not conditionally, absolutely-conditionally are things that are necessary and absolutely are the morals.

But, the million dollar question is, does our country KENYA, do possess and dies it often all these moral virtues attribute that makes a state and its citizens happy?

In our state, the political arena speaks and showcases otherwise. The waters are always turbulent which are made the way they are ruling class elites, political barons and tribal chiefs who call shots, making it difficult for the commoners to prosper. These clique elite groups which happens to be powerful manipulates the system at our expense holding the serving government at a ransom thus propagating corruption and the culture of impunity.

It is only in Kenya where our parliamentarians wakes up and decides to increase their salaries irrespective of the status of the economy. All these sends a total comparison of the outlined moral virtues we are advocating, which can be compared as what George Orwell analyses in his book, THE ANIMAL FARM, that some animals despite all been the same, some are more equal than the others.

But, until when shall we continue to be begged down by these ill motive shenanigans? Isn’t it time that we took a vow as a country to return the sobriety, maturity and sanity in our political and governance spheres? Hasn’t it that ripe moment arrived for that virtue change which might drastically change the country politically, socially and economically?

As the referendum vote day nears it will act as a litmus test to test whether we have matured politically. The way we conduct the referendum campaigns will show whether we are ready to accommodate each other despite our divergent views. The devils path walk which we undertook still haunts us and I don’t know whether we regretted why we allowed ourselves to trend that path.

But, Kenya’s major hindrance to realization of the necessary sobriety and sanity in our political arena, which hinders us from practicing mature politics are the self made political barons and tribal chieftains. The ruling class elites acts as another factor coupled by old set of laws, they are political godfathers.

And putting into consideration how most of our leaders acquire power as it was analysed by niccoli michiavelli” the power through the barons” hence these elite group comes in hand with their money and tribal block as their cards and a contributing factor. At the end of the day these elites need rewards to compensate them and this is where corruption thrives manipulation and mismanagement.

Not forgetting the devious angle our politics takes, plus the ethnic hatred and tribal leaning which causes negative repercussions which paints a grim picture of our politics which casts a total contrast shadow of what our leaders say.

According to Aristotle, man’s ambition and desire to make money are among the most frequent causes of deliberate acts of injustice .it is the task of a sound legistrator to survey the state and every other association to see how they can be brought to share in he good life and in whatever degree of happiness is possible for them.

Our purported leaders who elect always acts to the contrary, they always disguises themselves as leaders they are like a leopard in a sheepskin. They only push for their own agendas which might favor them at the expense of the citizens as it was in the recent case where our parliamentarians adopted a report to increase their salaries

Despite a public outcry, it has fallen on deaf ears of our so called leaders who take us for granted. The political baron on the other hand takes pleasure in tossing babes into the air and catching them on their lances.

To survive in these turbulent political waters, this is where insanity, violation of the rule of law and all manner of injustices creeps in .they do use each and every tactic and means at their disposal, be it employing unorthodox means to acquire or retain power through the usage of hate speeches, violence’s, displacements and intimidations.

And it seems as if the post election violence’s didn’t teach us any vital lesson, if the shenanigans that have accompanied referendum campaigns are anything to go by which casts doubts. We are still been trapped by the same shenanigan that made us fight.

Instead of uniting together as a country we are disintegrating politically. Our leaders and politicians don’t read from the same script. The coalition government which was meant to unite the Kenyans always pull in different directions according to the faction which one is alienated to.

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