It’s now eminent that O.D.M party is slowly tilting and it might be headed for disintegration, spilt or it might trumble down, if the current storm which has rocked the party is anything to go by. The recent past week events portrays the has been rocked by in-party wrangles and bickering which has hit the crescendo with no sign of reliering

Despite it been a domineering party which commands the majority in parliament, it rocked found its footing on the ground because right form the onset it has been rocked in wrangles with a section of the rift valley m.ps constantly in the collision course with the party leader ,ralia odinga,over a wide ranging of issues.

But, this isn’t an exception case as this is the situation which characterizes the Kenyan political parties. The party leaders were accussed of constituting political parties that are poorly structured which doesn’t have a clear cut leadership strategy. Most political parties are formed if a situation beckons, or to capitalise on something which mostly revolves around tribal and ethic lines. Hence if a certain tribe feels threatened, shortchanged or it was given a raw deal, it strate to sabotage the party and threatens to quit. A split becomes eminent if the circumstances forbids and that’s. Why there are so many conglomerations of tribal parties.

This is the situation that O.D.M party found itself in. they formed their party at the height of the time forced them to constitution referendum situation of opposing the draft constitution at the time forced them to constitute that party and they based their formation on the block regions and tribes. And,that`s why right from the onset the rift valley block has been complaining that they were shortchanged and were given a raw deal when they were sharing the share of the national cake.

For quite along time, the party who is the prime minister, has been in constant crossfire path with a these m.ps, who have threatened to make good their threatened to abandon the party. They are proving to be a thorn in the flesh within the party.

He is facing a political storm of his life time, a make or break situation as pressure continues to mount as a formidable challenge which has been orchestra by this rift valley m.ps who haven’t minced their words. This ironical political maneuvering might tear down the party if the words which are been lamented by these leaders are to be believed. He is trying to survive a battle that has been thrown at his court and directed at him by his political opponents

The simmering matter that is threatening to tear the party apart is the issue of the Mau forest conservation where the government made good its threat and its reclaiming the forest which was allocated to illegal beneficial lies. But the turn and way the eviction saga is taking disheartening which might be futile.

Most squatters have left voluntarily after the expiring of the deadline they were given by the government, a situation that made them to be internally displaced people. This situation has led the prime minister in direct collision course with the rift valley m.ps led by the agriculture minister.

It now seems as the two party leaders are pulling in different directions concerning this hot issue of Mau forest conservation. The agriculture minister and his counterparts proclaim that the evictees have been victimized and are been treated in an in humane manner, a matter at which has been blown out of proportion by the politicians to capitalize the matter politically. The premier has countered this by saying that this is one of the delicately handled evictions which have never happened in the recent past compared with the evictions.

But will we throw the real issue of conservation out of the window and substitute it with politics? Is the government sincere with the matter or is it a tip of the iceberg which will participate political regalements or is it just a passing cloud? But why is it that politics always become the common denominator and the domineering factor in all of our understandings?

Analysis of this shenanigan one only reads the irony behind it and the political sinister motive on the part of critics. And, surprisingly certain members of the cabinet have opted to make political capital out of the issue forgetting it was subject to their decision.

Efforts aimed at conserving our water towers must be supported at all costs. But the irony of it all is that the politicization of the conservation of Mau is clear deviation from the core issue. It also shows cases how politics inflates all our undertakings.

And anyone who thinks that the political class has the best interest of Kenyans at heart is woefully mistaken. On the centrally all that really counts for the majority of our politicians is the furtherance of their own selfish interests. Nothing demonstrates the veracity of this assertion more than what is currently unfolding in regard to the Mau eviction.

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