According to sociologists, desperation and hopelessness are negative attributes that causes downfall to any human being which makes him lose hope in life.When desperation trickles in people becomes pessimists and thus nothing positive can emerge out of them and that’s why so many people are duped, conned or engages in gambling.

When desperation infiltrates on the part of the humans, even in the society it turns out to be a disaster in waiting, as poor people are chronically averse to risk an attitude that keep them poor but alive.

And, that is why so many people have been conned millions of money in get quick rich dubious schemes, lotteries, gambling and other illegal transactions.Over and over again people have been warned about the dangers and consequences of these schemes but it falls on deaf ears.It seems as if their poor economic status makes them risk their hard earned money in the hope of doubting it.And, that’s where they falls prey to these schemers.

But,the millions dollar question is, is our country tilting to be a gambling nation?Or, is it that most companies are taking the advantage of mobile technological advancement to reap and profiteer themselves from the poor Kenyans who are so desperate to becomes millionaires that are been promised if you participate in them?

These days our media outlets are awash with advertisements fronting numerous promotion encouraging people to participate and win millions.Whether their genuine-ness is guaranteed only the authorities and promoters can verify.

It has turned out to be the in-thing these days as companies goes about campaigning about a certain promotion they are promoting.Only what is required for you to participate is to send a text message through your phone with a certain code or your name to register.

And, it is to be noted that the rates of sending these test messages are at almost 200 percent above the normal premium rates.These texts are set out such that they are a continous pacy process where you keep on targeting the challenge request which will be sent to you as you keep on chasing on almost obvious elusive prize which keeps on sucking your money.

It is worth noting that most Kenyan are slowly becoming addicted to these lotteries in total disguise of promotions and competitions. As it was revealed the other day where most Kenyans confessed to have spent quite a considerable amounts in these promotions tells a lot.

Recently I decided to take that sabbatical journey to inquire what transpires in these promotions and that is why I decided to participate in one of them.In that promotion you are required to send a text message with a certain special word.After that follows another request asking you to send your name, followed by a sequence of requests informing you to answer questions to earn points.They also tell you that the more you participate the more you earn points.At the end of the day I ended up using more than 500 shillings.

That is the gravity of the whole thing.Consider about millions of people participating in these lotteries.How much are these companies raking in per day.The figures shows that these companies are raking millions of money from the poor Kenyans.And, that is why these companies keeps on cropping up nowadays, with radio stations joining the fray.

But, are there ulterior  motives behind these whole promotions

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