Has our country turned into a striking nation?

Has our country turned into a striking nation,where the lower cadre of workers are laying down their tools more oftenly.And,this is a dangerous precedent we are setting out as a nation,if the current follow up strikes are anything to go by.Each an everyday,different set of workers whether in government,or,in private sector are downing their tools,or,issuing strike threats if their demands aren’t met.The industrial actions are the in-thing nowadays as workers demands a pay increment,coupled by better remuneration packages to cushion themselves against the ever increasing inflation rates,and,a better working condition.

And,due to the harsh economic times which is being fueled by high inflation rates which has forced most of the basic commodities prices to skyrocket,thus putting pressure to the overburdened kenyans,is making most of them to strike.Their payslip is indirectly proportional to their wage bills,that’s their wage bills is over-riding their income.

But,apart from hard economic times,what’s forcing these workers to down their tools and take the industrial action of calling a strike?Or,are we having a non caring government which doesn’t care to listen,or,to attend to the plight of their grievances?And,in another perspective,are we having economic players who are preparing to rake millions in profit,while exploiting their employees?

From the teachers,lecturers to doctors ,while others are issuing strike threats ,are all having one issue at hand they are trying to raise ,that’s they are being paid a meagre pay packages which isn’t consummate to this high and hard economic times,while working under a poor working conditions and understaffed.

But,in analyzing the whole situation ,the accusing finger points to the wide disparity in salary remunerations among the workers which acts as the contributing factor,hence a call for salary reviews.In KENYA,it is fashionable to see corporations flashing around profit margins,only concerned about their profits rather than the well-being of their staff.It is even more pathetic that directors of these companies pay themselves handsomely while junior staff earns peanuts.How does it feel really being the director earning more than $25,000,in a month,while other junior staff earns a meagre $200.

While i agree that massive wage increase might lead to more money in circulation hence a rise in inflation the argument by Federation of Kenya Employee,that the government considers freezing wage increments for 2 yrs is selfish.The Salaries and Remuneration Commission should have been set up by now.The Commission should look into wage disparity among the same job groups.

As it appears ,when the lower cadre ask for salary increase,there is uproar from all corners.This is a form of inequality.And,the on-going strikes ought to serve as a reminder to the leaders of their negligence,Strikes will do us more harm than good in terms of national development.

The sporadic strikes and threats of strikes from disillusioned citizens might snowball into a serious revolt if it isn’t addressed fully.

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