……………..The hard realities of the 1998 United States of America Embassy terrorist attack bombing in Nairobi….

……….The hard realities of the 1998 United States of America Embassy terrorist attack bombing in Nairobi……The day 7th August 1998 will forever be eked in most Kenyan memories and history books for it’s the day Kenyans woke up to the hard realities of real terrorism, with its true colours for we had become a big casualty.

It’s the day we woke up to the reality and devious activities of terrorists and their causes of which most didn’t know about, it’s origin and what it meant. Names like Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, terrorists, Islamic jihadists and terrorism didn’t ring a bell to most Kenyan until we were hit by that terrorist attack and they become household names.

And, it’s 20 years since the Al Qaeda terrorists caught us napping with their nefarious minds and launched a deadly bomb attack in our country which targeted the United States of America Embassy in Nairobi, which shook the entire nation to its core.

On that particular day, it was on a mid-morning rush hour when suicide bombers drove a truck highly laden with the explosive bomb at the gates of the U.S Embassy which they detonated with disastrous effects thereafter. The bomb explosion caused a major havoc within the radius of the bomb radiation.

And, as the bomb explosion muted, the aftermath of it was deadly, for more than 200 people laid dead, while thousands were seriously injured. Ufundi House was reduced to a rubble, Cooperative House had its windows shattered and the U.S Embassy building was extensively damaged and cars and other structures were extensively damaged.

The heat that was generated by the intensity of the bomb caused the fierce fire which was consuming everything within that radius.

Since then, the effects of that terrorist bomb attack continue to haunt us even today. Its disastrous effects continue to be felt for hundreds were left by their loved ones, children were left as orphans, while others were left handicapped due to nasty injuries they were inflicted by the bomb

A lot has also passed since then, the mastermind of that terrorist attack, Osama bin Laden has been killed, with the other ringleaders, while the other terrorist operatives are languishing in jails after they were convicted to life jail terms in the United States.

Also, as a country, we still do continue to face terrorist-related attacks. In the year 2003, we faced yet another terrorist attack in Kikambala Mombasa which was orchestrated by the same Al Qaeda network operatives. They tried to bring down an Israel chartered plane full of tourists which backfired while at the same time almost simultaneously they crushed an explosive-laden vehicle at the Paradise Hotel in the Coast where they killed a few people.

In 2013, we experienced yet another terrorist attack at the Westgate mall, where Al Shabaab Islamic militants killed 67 people in a gun attack. In 2015, at Garissa University, the same Al Shabaab militants launched a gun attack where they killed more than 140 students.

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