…….The Great Voter Revolt……….Where the Voters lead a silent revolt as they swept out powerful politicians……Heralding a new wave of political consciousness where the voters are exerting their democratic right like never before……

……..The great voter revolt……this is what we can write home about in relation to the just concluded political parties primaries. And,with the looming general election slated in August 8,the political discourses are taking the political shape and dimensions.

With the conclusion of nominations of political parties which sowed the political players where the winners are savouring their victories ,and,losers counting their losses,now the political players are on the political chessboards strategizing their political moves.

And,at least for now,the political dust will settle down a little bit.The political temperatures which had skyrocketed due to this political parties nominations will cool a bit.

The nominations have been wrapped up,but,the aftershocks of the silent revolt by voters are being felt across the country.It is being referred to as the great revolt where the voters lead silent revolt as they swept out powerful politicians.

Those politicians who thought that they were in a pole position to clinch the party tickets experienced the shockers of their life as they came tumbling down the political ladder with a thunder.

Several leaders,until now perceived to be powerful and influential were rejected by voters ,heralding a new wave of political consciousness where voters are exerting their democratic right like never before.

The leaders who failed to live up to the expectations were kicked out in one of the most far reaching nominations.The current political revolution is an indication of voters’ dissatisfaction with their leadership.Voters have awoken from their slumber with no sympathy for non performers.

And,after a grueling nominations characterized by claims of massive irregularities and violence ,the list of candidates for the August 8 general elections is slowly taking shape.

But,these political parties nomination exercise raised pertinent questions regarding how these parties conducted these nominations…….they total fraud,full of massive irregularities and violence.

This year’s nominations have seen one of the highest electoral casualties by both incumbents ……particularly Governors,Members of Parliament and County Members of Assembly…….as well as by aspirants considered to be pro-establishment ,or,who were thought to be imposed on by party leaders.

Political analysts says that the new trend is following in the wave created by voters in the United States of America,Europe and some Asian countries.

In many Counties ,voters did not want their national leaders to guide them on who to elect .They wanted to make that choice with no one forcing their hands ,a break from the past when local aspirants perceived to be darlings of the establishment enjoyed a head start during nominations .Those times are now gone.

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