….Why are the general election in Kenya a matter of life and death on the part of the political and ruling class?…….

…..Why are the general election in Kenya a matter of life and death on the part of the political and ruling class? Why are there special attachments being attached to the political power in Kenya to an extent that political actors will roll flat out in whatever way it takes in search of this elusive power? And, why is it that when there’s a political grandstanding within the political class they do hold the country at ransom where everything grinds to a total halt?

These are million dollar questions that linger in Kenyan citizenry minds in regard to the current political stalemate that’s holding our country at ransom following the nullification of the August 8 presidential results by the Supreme Court. The aftermath of it all is being felt far and wide across the country and the Kenyan citizenry are feeling the pinch and repercussions of the political stalemate.

And, whether there will be a political solution to the political stalemate only time will tell because our political leaders seem to be breathing fire.

Now, it is a fact that any electioneering year in Kenya precipitates a crisis and revives the political ghosts that haunt us as a nation over the years. This is one political quagmire that we haven’t been able to solve that haunts us severely since the introduction of the multi -party politics here in Kenya.

Or, is it our mode of democracy that holds us where the winner takes all….leaving the loser to lick the political wounds in political oblivion. This form of democracy has been cited as being our major un-doing since our politics are dictated by tribal and regional affiations. Some tribes and regions feel being felt out in the sharing of the national cake. They feel marginalised and thus they showcase their disdain for the elected political establishment which ultimately disrupts our political fabric.

This political grandstanding which has engulfed our country has heightened political temperatures, uncertainties, stalemate, and anxieties resulting to a country which is at a political crossroad wondering where to head. And, it is worth noting that after the 2007 general election we stared a similar political stalemate with resultant being the post- election chaos.

Right now, the country is in an awkward political situation staring at yet another quagmire. The country has stagnated in each an every sphere of the country with some pundits arguing that the country is heading to rocky path…..sailing at stormy weather where the country is rocking from within where anything might happen.

And, since the Supreme Court nullified the outcome of the presidential election results the country hasn’t being the same again. The political temperatures have soared to the boiling point creating unnecessary political tensions. The country took a downturn spiral with slim chances of political let- ups.

The desperate situation we found ourselves in has been confounded by the machinations of the National Super Alliance brigade who have withdrawn from the rerun election which is slated to be held on October 26 as it was directed by the Supreme Court. They said that they withdrew because their “irreducible minimum demands” weren’t fulfilled by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission.

These also have being aggravated by their call for street protests to force Independent Election and Boundaries Commission officials to step down from office

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