The writing is large on the wall; that the national reconciliation act has hit a stalemate.  Going by the recent postponement of cabinet appointments tells a lot and what have been boiling over and over again.

After a successful brokered peace deal accord by Dr. Kofi Annan, of which signed by the two principals and then entrenched in the constitution by the parliament, only what was left was it’s implementation.  Since then the realization of the accord has turned to be a cropper, disagreement over portifolio balance and it’s allocation has turned to be the bone of contention.

The current stalemate and what we are witnessing is a furry over the powerful ministerial dockets because each side wants to bag them.

Ethnicity and greed for power are other factors that have contributed to the stalemate.  These factors have greatly divided us along our tribal cacoons.

The resultant of the shenanigan is jostling which is creating a bit of crisis and tension in the country.  The situation in Kenya can be compared to the words that were once lamented by , Maris Gallant, that, “No people are ever divided as those of the same blood.”

Despite our blatant voicing of how united we are, our actions speaks otherwise.  More often than not, the demon of tribalism keeps on haunting us.

The recent eruption of violence is a clear manifestation and aftermath of our underhand stumbling blocks we do eract.

But, who’s responsible for erecting and creating this stumbling blocks that hinders us from implementing the peace accord and achieving our goals?

The blame lay squarely on our politician courts, for they stands accused because any issue they do address they have to base it according to their tribes.  Even the current stalemate we are facing is as a result of jostling within our politicians.

It’s quite sad that our leaders have managed to make this country more ethnically polarised than never before because of their inflammatory utterances.

But, why is it that the tribal factor became a predominant factor and a last resort in any of our undertakings?

What we are witnessing now is greed and more greed in the name of “power”, only God can heal this land.  Our politician are only busy fronting and undermining each other while scrambling for power with total disregard of the mwananchi.

The inability to consistute the cabinet is simply because of greed.  Leaders aren’t ready to sacrifice their position for the sake of the country.  They have totally failed to think and act like national leader.

Our leader should learn to put their personal ambitions aside because it’s really disturbing that tribalism and greed for power, are the order of the day.

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