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………Education as an influential factor in developing countries …….Right from time immemorial education has been an integral part of the society. It was regarded as that essential tool that enlightens, empowers, helps a people to prosper ,change their lifes, and, how they live. It bridges the gap in the society ,alleviates poverty, unlocks a country’s potential and changes how people do thinks. Education makes a people knowledgable ,brings in civilization and sharpens the mind making it creative.
Overall ,education is a key component to any human being well being and endeavours. It is the single best investment in a prosperous ,healthy and equitable society. And,for any country to prosper it must invest in education of it’s citizenry. Education must be accessible to them of which it must be of high quality. That nation that has a vision and will power to prosper and develop must invest heavily in education.
Education provides a direct path towards prosperity and out of poverty. And, no country has ever achieved rapid and continuous economic growth without at least a 40 percent literate rate.
If statistics are to be carried out if there’s one area that has received a tremendous growth ,then it is the education sector. Education continuous to play an integral part in the development and shaping up of human lifes. And, that’s why the education sector continuous to chunk in huge money allocations in most governments that gives education the priority it deserves.
And, putting into consideration the way education institutions are cropping up at alarming rates attests the fact that this notion of education will continue to be embraced globally.
In the developed countries ,education is an universal engagement for each an every school going child . They must have an access to good and quality education. To them child education is a basic right which they nurture at an early age which can’t be denied to them. These governments strictly do adhere to this obligation and do try to make it so accessible to their citizenry’s kids. So to them education and being educated is an influential factor.
So, introspectively, education as an influential factor in the developing countries is a matter which is undebatable. And,if the developing and third world countries do want to prosper and develop they must borrow a leaf from these developed countries and factor in education which must be of high quality.
Education in developing countries can be done and is being done, but it is often not as good as industrialized countries. In most of these countries education statistics draws a gloomy picture when it comes to accessibility ,investing, and, quality of it. It is estimated that in sub-saharan Africa,1 out of 4 children does not attend school;of those 1 out of 3 will drop out before completing primary school.
And, this gloomy picture points to what the reality is on the ground in these developing countries. The level of education is below the par, coupled by lack of adequate funding , sub standard education among other contributing factors.
If the developing countries do want to realize their full potential they must address the need of education as a key component and as an influential factor. It is the key catalyst that unlocks the potential of a nation. Education is also essential to economic development .Citizens who can read, write, and think critically have better economic opportunities.
Fundamental educational skills form the basis for all future learning ,but today too many students across the developing world are missing out .
In education there are so many gains which can’t be written off. First and foremost, a complete education system provides large number of qualified people with advanced knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects. Through attending various education facilities ,colleges and universities, people can get themselves prepared for and contributes to the development of the country, which clearly requires the effort from all profession.
In addition to talent cultivation ,education in itself has a tremendous influence on spirit civilization ,which accounts for a larger part in a country’s development .
And, as the developing countries continue to develop there’s a strong growing need in experience and talented people who will be able to make significant contribution in the economy of the country’s life. Thus ,it is important to say that education plays a significant role in the development process of countries

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