Last Tuesday, 7th October something happened in our country, which grabbed major international headlines, an author was deported to his country after he had come to launch his book.  Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of a book about Senator Obama entitled “THE OBAMA NATION”; Leftist politics and the cult of personality” was sent packing last week having apparently contravened visa restrictions on launching his book and speaking to the press about it.

The Kenyan authorities proclaimed that the author’s intention was a commercial venture and they also impounded copies of the book at the same time.

That action grabbed major headlines in the international newspapers.  This critical book touched the raw nerves of the USA, Democratic presidential candidate, Barrack Obama.

This said book has criticized the Democratic presidential candidate Obama, on the wrong way and to most pundits who are sympathizers, it’s full of misleading information about the senator.  Corsi’s book tears into the character of presidential candidate Obama in which it depicts and portrays him as unfit to be the next tenant at the White House.

The book as been widely criticized for its seditious contents and to most people’s argument, it’s full of inaccuracies, but in a quick rejoinder this controversial author seems to court controversies due to his hard hitting leftist writings he deploys in his books.  He has written several books and on most occasions, it stirs up controversies after it arouses and touches the raw nerve.

His intended launch of his book came against a major backdrop of a heated presidential campaigns in the United States, pitting Republican candidate John McCain against his main rival Democratic candidate Barrack Obama.  The campaigns have accelerated to the optimum homestretch where the democrat Mr. Obama is having an edge against his rival John McCain according to opinion polls.  Whoever becomes the next president of USA its up to American people to decide because we are in a situation of wait and see what will transpire as we monitor the on goings.

The author’s intention was to use Obama’s fathers’ roots as his launching pad. But, the Kenyan authorities didn’t allow him to achieve his goal, as he was about to launch it he was caught up and in a huff of minutes he was sent packing.

But, does a mature and confident democracy like Kenya need to ban books and send their authors packing?  Was the Government action really necessary?

I think the Government didn’t act our of good faith when it deported the author, because as a country that professes that it respects the right of expression, it could have allowed the author to launch his book.   Whatever the content and information that was contained in his book, people could have chosen whether to read the material or not. 

We are a mature nation and let us read the book, check the facts and the quality of the writing to make up our minds.  That’s the kind of practice thoughtful, educated citizens of a democracy need on a daily basis,

The ideal of victimizing the marginalized out of periphery only motivates them to fight for recognition with every possible avenue that keeps them afloat.

In conclusion, the author should have been allowed to launch his book in Nairobi as his decision to travel all the way from USA to unveil his book just confirms the importance the Americans are attaching to the Democratic presidential candidate’s Kenyan link.


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