Disgust over Gaddafi’s execution,and ,Libya after Gaddafi

Following the controversial execution of the former Libyan president,Muammar Gaddafi,after being captured alive by regime rebel fighters has elicited mixed reactions.To the NATO forces their mission was accomplished .Gaddafi’s homicide shows that the goal of [NATO]member states was not to protect civilian but to overthrow the regime.

After Libya was engulfed by civil war for almost 8 months ,it now seems the war has come to a conclusion with Gaddafi’s execution.To some ,he is a martyr who stood up against western domination ,while to those who choked under his autocratic rule ,it signifies a fresh beginning.

Disquiet has grown over how Gaddafi met his end after National Transitional Council fighters hauled him out of a culvert where he was hiding following NATO airstrike on the convoy in which he had trying to flee his falling townhome .The widely viewed video footage on him being captured and his subsequent death was clouded and shrouded with suspicion which raised a lot of questions with a conclusion he was executed by the fighters.

But,the NATO’s attack on the convoy led directly to his death ,”the willful killing [of someone protected by the Geneva convention]is defined as a war crime by Article 8 of the International Criminal Court’s Rome statute.The reputation of Libya’s new leaders has been stained by killing of Gaddafi.According to the post mortem which was carried out on his body revealed his death was caused by a shot to the left side of his head and another to the abdomen .

After crossing paths with most of the western countries for a long time ,they had a total disdain for him.And,due to his policies most of the years Libya was under the U.N economic embargo.They referred to him as a despot for he didn’t toe to their lines.His palace was once bombarded in 1989.They were waiting for that opportune moment to hit him and they found one with the Arab uprising which spilled to Libya.Under the guise of protecting the civilians the NATO allied forces joined the fray.He featured in their bad books due to his left wing ideals and his disdain for the west.

A lot has been said about Muammar Gaddafi ‘s brutality,but,the tragedy lies in our over-reliance on the west media without interrogating the authenticity of those reports.The west is adapt at the art of dis-information tailored to suit specific circumstances .Libya is perhaps the only African country without external debt.It also has the largest dollar reserves in it’s vaults.This denied the “imperialist”as Gaddafi would say ,leverage to manipulate this erstwhile country.

And,it is a sad moment that Gaddafi was killed by the people for whom he strove to bring development .In my view ,this is a case of biting the hand that feeds you .Gaddafi is credited for bringing un-matched development in the form of infrastructure ,which is envy to many nations.He is reported to have done a lot in the provision of housing,water,power,medical treatment and education.In view of Gaddafi dedication to his country ,it is disturbing that he had to face a brutal death.

According to Russian prime minister,Vladimir Putin,who is among world leaders who expressed “disgust”at the graphic coverage of Gaddafi’s death.He said that almost the entire Gaddafi family was killed .His body was shown on all the world channels.You could not watch without disgust.”What is that?”Putin exclaimed.They showed a bloodied man,wounded,still alive,but getting beaten to death.And they splash that all over the screens.

And,now that Gaddafi’s chapter has been folded ,the million dollar question begs,will the country survive post Gaddafi era and stabilize?With the deadly firearms in the wrong hands which were freely supplied by the NATO allied forces ,will the country tilt to the state of anarchy and lawlessness? Will the the country disintegrate into different factions where extremists will have a field day just like Afghanistan?

At the end of it all,the hard reality will dawn on the rebels who thought that they were above the law.And,whether they will stabilize as a nation is another issue which is due to the fact that they will start from the scratch after much deaths,executions,destruction of properties by heavy bombardments which characterized the civil war.

The general overview of Libya as a nation is that it remains divided ,tense and volatile.The nation risks sliding into sectarian violences ,or,becomes a haven for terrorists.Such real threats call for the National Transitional Council to immediately embark on unification ,healing and reconciliation.Empty promises,unfulfilled pledges and been short-changed might characterize the whole political equation of Libya.However,history abounds with the liberators who swiftly metamorphose into despots.

And,how they manage the oils.Libya is an oil rich country and whether the new regime will be able manage the oils will remain a tall order.They might be duped by the NATO allied countries under the pretext of been helped so that they can siphon their oil as it might have been the strategy behind the scenes to overthrow the former regime.

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