……The dirty politicking side …Political intolerance….how can we still condone such uncouth behaviour?

……..Call it the dirty politicking side of our coin…….It all started in Migori County,during a state function which was presided over by President Kenyatta.All was well for the function,and,the president’s itinery ,until hell broke loose and the meeting turned chaotic.

A crowd of rowdy youths who were presumed to have being hired turned the occassion into a shouting march between the perennial rivals throwing everything into disarray.And,it went to a point where shoes,chairs and other missiles were flying all over,and,not forgetting the fact that the meeting was characterised by heckling and jeering as political rivalry played itself out,where some political leaders were shouted down as they rose to speak.

And,according to a highly informative source which emerged after that meeting ,it emerged that those rowdy youths were hired by some politicians to heckle and undermine certain politicians.Introspectively,i think the political shenanigans that’s being witnessed in the name of political feuds is getting out of hand.

Even before the Migori dust had settled,then came the Makueni county incident that shocked the nation.A real political fight had ensued where the aftermath of it was that 6 people were left nursing bullet wounds.That incident showcased how politicking in that county has gone to the dogs.The political scenes at the ground attests to this fact that the region’s politics is in murky waters,where the political leaders have differed and heading to different political directions which has precipitated a clash of opinions.

The County’s politics has being boiling under like a volcano readying to erupt.And,indeed it erupted when Makueni Governor,gate crashed a meeting which was meant to undermine him politically.And,their political shenanigans which are playing out in the public domain ,where they are washing their dirty linens in the public is a clear manifestation of how they have differed politically.

This unfortunate incident shows how we have stooped so low and turned to intolerance ,worse than ever before.

And,this is only a tip of an iceberg ,as there are other unreported case of indifferences and political intolerance and undermining of each other politically.The cases of political leaders not sharing the same platform isn’t new to us in the game of musical chairs.

But,in this modern times and age ,how can we still condone such uncouth behaviour?

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