Did the High Court ruling legitimized Mombasa Republican Council’s course? | mombasa republican council,high court ruling,ban,ligitimized,

mombasa republican council,high court ruling,ban,ligitimized,Did the High Court ruling legitimized the Mombasa republican council course?Were they given a life line by that High Court verdict,which lifted a caveat ban ,which was imposed by the government?Did the ruling strengthened their rallying agitation call for a secession,or,were they handed over a rope to hang themselves?And,will the ruling affect other banned groupings?

Recently,the High Court ,in Mombasa,lifted a ban which was imposed by the government on Mombasa republican council.The government in their wisdom had argued that the group poses a security threat to the country.Their continued agitation of a secession of the coastal region made the government to declare them as a banned group.Their slogan,Pwani si Kenya,has come to characterize their agitation.

And,it is this ban that made Mombasa republican council,to go to the Courts to seek a redress and contest the ban.They argued that they do have genuine grievances ,and,it is their fundamental right as citizens of this country to be given a hearing by the government,which must address their concerns.

Whether the lifting of the ban will affect our national security is a matter of concern,putting into consideration the fact that we are heading to general elections ,where we normally do have a history of election violence.Not forgetting the fact that Mombasa republican council members had disrupted a mock election in Mombasa ,which was conducted by Independent Election Boundaries Commission.

In one of their grievances ,the Mombasa republican council ,had told the government to suspend the forth coming election in the Coast so that their grievances can be addressed first.And,this rallying call has pasted a dark cloud in our country which sends cold shivers down the spines of most Kenyans as this move poses as a security threat for our country.This call has created an uncertainty in our country ,putting into consideration the murky nature of our politics ,and,politicking which at times do have negative repercussions.

But,the million dollar question is,what is the way forward now since Mombasa republican council seems to have being legitimized by the High Court ruling where they have gained some substantial ground?

That High Court ruling has come at a worst time in our country because there are so many illegal,banned groupings operating in our country which are resurfacing to capitalize with the election campaigns.At this critical time in our country’s calendar ,where it approaching electioneering period,where campaigns have started in earnest ,such groupings comes in handy as they are courted by politicians as they seek to push their political mileages and hunt for votes,which in turn poses as a security threat to our country.

Overall ,the move by the High Court ,to lift the ban on Mombasa Republican Council,might have a negative repercussion in our country in the near future ,due to the volatility of our politicking.

What does the sound and heat generated by the Mombasa Republican Council and the court ruling on their status campaign tell us about Kenya at this moment in time?Only time will tell.

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