After the conclusive conclusion of the new constitution where everybody was entitled to his or her own views, opinions and at the end of the day those who were supporting it emerged the winners, now the dust that was blown up in the name of campaigns have began to settle. The aftermath of it all which is a matter of fact was that there were to be post mortem analysis of the whole process analyzed reviews, rhetoric questions were to be asked and above it all the process presented a ripe moment for political strategists to clear cut their political demography according to the voting pattern it portrayed. It was a political litmus test.

And considering the nature of our politics which infiltrates any of our undertakings this process wasn’t an exception and the funny part of it is that it had dragged all and sundry from clergy men, politicians, professionals and the Kenyans. But one question which lingers frequently in our memories is, why did our good clerics engage and involved themselves in our murky politics where they opposed the proposed constitution where it went against the grain?

It is a question which might break the camel’s back as they had told their flocks and their congregation to reject the proposed constitution because it contained some flaws. But their advise went contrary as their voices were ignored by their flocks who went ahead and voted overwhelmingly for the constitution’s passage.

But, in matters of retrospective and in total contrast of what transpired, did the church with its clergy lead their flocks astray/After that win vote will the church and clergy have a moral authority and obligation to lead and guide their flocks? How will they redeem their tainted image in the face of such a humiliating defeat or will they put a brave face? Will they pass a credibility test and stamp their authority in their place the pulpit?

At the end of the day there was bound to be a good deal of soul searching on what is being viewed as a very unseemingly involvement of the church in a largely political cause. It is to be noted that right from the onset the church was opposed to the proposed constitution due to some clauses in certain chapters which they said they were uncomfortable with because it touched on a moral fundamental foundations and teachings of the church namely abortion and kadhi’s courts. They had let it be known that they were totally opposed to the document because of this clauses which they termed as contentious.

While the mainstream churches restricted themselves to issuing pastoral letters and press conferences their evangelical almost commercial branches counterparts hit the road as they joined the campaigns which were dubbed as prayer meetings. Their involvement in the campaigns opened a can of worms as most of these evangelical clerics have been under a microscopic survey and analyzed as leopards in sheepskin where they preach the water and drink the wine at the expense of their flocks.

Most of these evangelical clerics are known to be living a life of largesse; high lifestyle and lives at leafy suburb towns. These are clerics who are out of tune with their flock.

And, now that the yes vote carried the day, will the clergy ever advise or direct their flocks on the way forward in matters that pertains ant touches the moral and social life? How will they ever redeem their moral authority after stooping too low as to cohabit with some politicians some who may have rather unsavory backgrounds? Will the followers find any difference between them and the Pharisees, Sadducees and others whom Jesus called “hypocrites”?

They may be trying to put on a brave face but the fact is that an overwhelming Christian’s nation chose the truth over lies and threats. In a sharp contrast, can we term their action as a misguided- when our good shepherds lost their sheep? But the fact of the matter is that they have been caught on the wrong side of a defining moment and they can only stake debate over separation between the church and state. Conversely the clerics are supposed to divert their energies to the pulpit in delivering sermons and their flocks on how they should live a righteous life.

Overtimes the clerics have been urged to spend their times in pulpits instead of stepping foot in the murky political waters. By taking politics head on our clerics are dressing themselves down by stripping off their moral obligation part.

The clerics do have an uphill task ahead if they are to redeem themselves if the recent opinion poll results are to be believed. The results showed that the confidence the congregation have on their clerics have dwindled drastically which tells quite a lot.

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