The discussion talks recently centred on him,for he was the most feared terrorist mastermind,he kept the world alert ,that’s Osama Bin Laden,the leader of the al qaeda ,terror network.With Osama bin laden apparently 20,000 under the Arabian sea after he was killed by the American forces,his chapter was folded ,which left behind a trail of ideals which were characterized by violent actions.The conclusion of his chapter may either bring the terror down to it’s kneels,or,sprout out many radical extremists.


Bin Laden was killed by U.S Navy SEALS in a stealth operation by helicopter borne commandos,a raid carried out lasting less than 40min.They killed him and took away his body from a mansion in Abbottabad ,near a Pakistan military facility outside Islamabad,on May 2.


The very welcome departure of the terror inc chief,Osama bin laden,was a welcome news which has sent hope soaring that al qaeda and it’s various offshoots is in it’s death throes.Now the terror mastermind’s chapter is closed and dusted.


Americans may have scored highly by killing Bin Laden ,believed to be the inspirational and spiritual leader of al qaeda.But,his followers will continue to see him as a martyr whose blood they must avenge.Indeed they have already issued threats to that effect.The world will keep vigil but they will surprise us all.Al qaeda is known to throw pursuers off trails and ambush unlikely targets ,with deadly consequences.


The stunning elimination of U.S’s arch nemesis threw the terror network into a spin ,while at the same time threw spanners at work as intellectuals tries to analyse Bin ladens’ life ,his ideology,ideals and his cause of actions.But,did Osama had a just cause in his quest of actions?Were his actions justified?


For most part of his life bin laden had decided to go against the grain,swam against the currents and attacked the world’s convention,which were directed to the Americans and it’s allies .Due to discontentment he perceived,he joined a cause ,which he believed in ,of which were moulded by his extremist ideology and ideals.


He perceived that the American ideology and it’s foreign policy towards islam was in bad taste and the continued occupancyin the islamic states.He thought that these issues went contrary to what he perceived hence the backlash against the Americans.That’s why he joined the jihad and established the al qaeda to fight the enemy of islam.He totally immersed himself to that cause and devouted much of his times,energies and money in rallying that cause.


Osama bin laden was bor in 1957 in Saudia Arabia,to a wealthy business magnate.He is believed to have masterminded ,financed and approved the September 11,2001 attacks in U.S.A ,in which nearly 3000 people died ,saying later that the results had exceeded his expectations.He has also being accussed of being behind other terrorist attacks ,like the London train attacks,the 1998 twin bombing in Nairobi and Dar elSalam among others.He had a bounty of $25 million on his head.


According to his ideology and ideals America,Israel and their allies are infidels,zionists who were to be fought at all costs.It’s a cause which he relied on ,of which he took it upon himself to the extreme extremism.He courted and advocated terrorism as a way of putting their message across which was violent.It’s on that vein that he founded al qaeda ,a terrorist organisation which recruited and trained terrorists by instilling his ideals to them as their were his ambassadors.


It’s on this cause of hitting the infidels that he killed and maimed thousand of innocent lifes and left a trail of destructions.He was once quoted saying that when hitting a target they don’t differentiate the infidels and the innocents,as far as they do hit their targets.


The life  Osama led ever since he came to the limelight should make anyone who loves life want to quit the group.A life spent on the run and in hiding cannot be described as a worth life.It’s a wasted life.To die from a bullet in the head is no ones dream ,and,to be buried at sea is to have one’s spirit condemned to eternal unrest.Why anyone would choose this kind of life is beyond me;for what does it profit a man to lose his life and freedom?


But,was Bin Laden’s ideology,ideals and his attacks on the convention compactible  to the realities of the world? Did his conviction justied his cause ,and ,did he had an agenda to lie on the table?Was his objective and cause worth to be undertaken?


Ido think that Osama ‘s ideals were perfect and good and that they were worth an ear ,but ,the action part of it where he used violence was in bad taste,totally unacceptable.On the surface of it ,the USA policies in relation to other countries is a bit weird.It’s too ironical full of contraventions where they don’t reciprocate.They do benefit at the expense of the others.Their policies swings in their favour.


And, on the flip side of the coin concerning the alqaeda activities,we might tend to ask how worth is their cause ,or,is it a worthless onjective?Is there a just cause for their terrorist activities?And,what do they hope to achieve?


Killing people just because you don’t like them cannot be a just cause .The objective of the terror group seems to be to wipe out the infidels from the surface of the world .This is an objective only achievable in fantasy land;it is like chasing after the wind.


And,without a just cause ,without an achievable goal the al qaeda mission is worthless.

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