……..Devolution at it’s best…….was it a case of a brilliant mathematical formula which was given to historians to implement it

……..Devolution at it’s best……was it a case of a brilliant mathematical formula which was given to historians to implement it…..in this case the governors…..who wandering around this mathematical formula ..in the name of devolution without cracking the code.

This is how we can describe how our governors have tried to navigate around ,and,are treating devolution since it’s inception as they tried to implement it.Despite them being given a clear leeway by the constitution and them being the people’s representatives they haven’t made any head way.

They haven’t covered much ground in terms of implementation and development ,and,instead they have made devolution to become a non-starter.

Although we can’t whitewash devolution wholesomely we can admit that there are gainsaid that have being realized since the inception of devolution.Areas that could have taken years to realize any sound development have received droplets of developments.

When the drafters of the constitution decided to include devolution as part of the system of governance to the Kenyan citizenry ,what they had in mind is to devolve governance from the central government.Also,to devolve funds from the central government to county governments.They wanted to bring development closer to the people.

For devolution was meant to devolve the system of governance and resources to the 47 counties and develop them .They wanted resources to be devolved to each an every corner of the country so that there can’t be any marginalized part of the country.

But,since it’s inception after 2013 general election ,Kenyan citizenry haven’t ripped fully the fruits of devolution.Most Kenyans have been reduced to just mere pedestrians in the governance of devolved governments.The governors have being receiving criticism over the manner they have being handling their counties and failure to account fully the devolved funds which has led to poor show and ratings.

The people’s representatives in the counties who acts as the gate keepers….the Members of County Assemblies ….went to honeymoon along time ago after being awarded lumpsum and hefty pay packages.

Some counties can’t write home about any tangible development they have initiated in their counties despite receiving billions of devolved funds.They have being sluggish in the implementation of the various developmental projects in their jurisdictions.They give priorities to non-core issues at the behest of core issues.

Most of these governors have being criticized severely for not making devolution work.They have reduced themselves to just only launching strategic plans for implementation to showcase they are up to the job,but,all that remains hogwash as nothing happens thereafter.

The only thing they can write home about is the wanton corruption that’s thriving in their counties and misuse of public funds

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