…..But, from a critical point of view, are our Members of County Assemblies trying to sabotage and kill devolution if the shenanigans they are displaying are anything to go by……….

………Before the new constitution dispensation came into effect in the 2013 general election, there existed elected councilors who represented Kenyans in various Councils in the country. And, these so-called Councillors had made their name in a bad light for they treated us with all manner of dramas and shenanigans.

They portrayed themselves as a people who are disorderly, caused disturbances in their assemblies chambers and who were rough who engaged in fistfights and name-calling.

They created all manner of shenanigans, chest thumping, and arrogance which extended into their chambers where anarchy and disorderliness reigned on.

And, this is the shenanigans that prompted Kenyan citizenry to relook at the role of the Councillor. The drafters of the new constitutional order defined the role of the Councillor to a more enhanced role in the devolved governments. They were given a new enhanced role in the constitution.

Thus, with the dawning of the new constitutional dispensation, the drafters of the constitution had overhauled the Councils. They were abolished and replaced by devolved governments named Counties headed by Governors.

And, in those Counties, there were created the County assemblies ….the legislative arm of the Counties. These County assemblies just like the National Assembly were meant to enact laws in their Counties and also to oversight the executive arm of the Counties headed by the Governor.

Thus, with that came the enhanced role of the former Councillors and they were renamed as Members of the County Assemblies { M.C.A}. That prestigious position had transformed them to a higher status which was more enhanced of which they were required to conduct and act themselves with decorum.

They had to clip off their old ways of conducting themselves and assimilate their new enhanced role in accordance with chapter 6 of the constitution.

But, to our utter surprise what we have been witnessing on the part of these Members of County Assemblies is surprising and tells another story. They have resorted to their dark old ways of doing things. That’s causing disturbances, being disorderly which resulted in fistfights and name-calling. Also, their craving for money has gone a notch higher.

They started sabotaging the Governors right from the onset of their first terms when the Governors didn’t bow down to their demands. Several Governors were impeached on flimsy grounds and most of them were saved by the Senate and Courts

Or, they sabotaged their county financial bills by refusing to pass it.

In the recent, they are at it again and this time around they have trained their guns on County Assembly Speakers. And, currently, there are several Speakers who have been impeached by these Members of County Assemblies and only the Courts have come to their rescue.

But, from a critical point of view, are our Members of County Assemblies trying to sabotage and kill devolution if the shenanigans they are displaying are anything to go by. And, the writings are that they are creating disorderly acts by instituting unnecessary impeachments.

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