Woe unto you proud Kenya citizen who happens to pronounce that you are living in a peaceful country.  But, contrary to this perception, we are living under the siege and in a crazy world.

This reminds me of a popular reggae tune, which was sung by the great African reggae maestro, the late Lucky Dube, entitled t “the crazy world”  The late Lucky Dube was assassinated by carjacking gangsters in Johannesburg, South Africa, a amere coincidence about what he talks about in the song.

In the song, Dube talks about how the world has turned to be a crazy world where people are dying like flies because of the shenanigan and ills that has eroded our societies.  Where robberies, murders, rapes harassment of innocent people are the orders of the day


And, in the same vein and a replica of what’s in the lyrics of the song, life in Kenya has turned to be one of the most scary and dreary, because of persistent devious criminal activities that has taken over in our villages, towns which has turned to be a big threat.  This devious act are spilling cold shivers down the spines of most Kenyans, as they try to grasp the security concern and as they try to emerge under the siege from this criminal gangs.


Life in most parts of the country is sometimes at a standstill, or has halted to the ground.


A glance at most media outlets tells the whole story, as it is splashed and filled with the crime news, which portrays a pathetic situation.


People are suffering silently as each and every day and night wears out, and the only solution they have, is to lay their life’s in the hands of the Almighty God, because at most times they are at the mercy of vicious gun-toting gangsters who ruin terror upon innocent victims.


To most people, sleeping has turned to be a thing of the past, because these gangs who have instilled fear in villages.  And, woe unto you, if you to have kept monies in your home as these turns out to be an easy prey.

Formation of vigilante groups, who guards the villages at night acts as the only alternative and solution left.


The idea of making big in life for most people has turned to be a weary affair because of the obvious reason that you will be the target of these gangs.


Economic entrepreneurships are seemingly sealing to a halt, if this situation isn’t  arrested because you can’t invest where you’ll be the target.


Quite regrettable is that these hideous acts are being carried out by gangs, which comprises of the youth, who are looking for short cuts to livelihood.

These gangs are known to kill innocent victims and harass citizens without any mercy.


They are a troubling lot and have the habit of using banned substances to stimulate their feelings and instill their confidence so as to carry out their wicked acts.

But, what’s the Government position on this dedicate matter and what is it doing to address and arrest this situation which are seemingly getting out of hand? What plans does that District security committees and systems have outlined to stem out this threat which is going on against may complainants from the people?


It’s quite unfortunate that the Government isn’t seriously addressing this security concern in our country despite numerous complainants from many quarters.  Our security apparatus are rather wanting, and needs to be overhauled, if it can’t contain the situations. 

We can’t accept to lose innocent life’s because of some blunders in our security system and they do have the machinery and resources to perform the task.


It’s the Governments’ responsibility to protect the citizens from any kind of interference may it be internally or externally.  The Government must know that beside the three basic quantities, security comes hot on the heels that’s  to live peacefully without any interference of any kind.


Proliferation of firearms, which goes on unchecked as they pass through the numerous porous border points, is one of the major contributing factors that enhances the escalation of crimes.


The Government must beef up security and strengthen community policing nationwide an the citizens must prepare to cooperate in order to wipe out thug from their midst.  And, appropriate actions must be taken so that sanity prevails in our society.

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