To County Governors on their Proposed budget estimates;Cut down on luxurious spending ,and,invest more funds on development projects.

Even before the devolved governments have started to crawl ,not even before they have found their footing ,what we are hearing emanating from these Counties is worrying and outrageous,and,out of these modern world,coupled by hard economic times.We are hearing of overzealous proposal spending by the Governors.In their proposed County budget estimates ,the Governors have proposed lavish spending towards their offices.Instead of allocating monies to the core issues the affects the society,they have diverted it to non-core issues.

And,it is disgusting that most of them aren’t observing austerity measures to curb unnecessary spending.In their proposed estimates they have allocated monies in procuring top of range vehicles ,entertainment,refurbishment of their offices and other miscellaneous allowances.The allocation they have allocated to developmental agenda is minimal.In buying these fleets of Toyota prados,the Governors are claiming that the roads in their counties are bad and they need 4-wheel drives so that they can tranverse their small empires.

This unfolding has caused a public outcry.It has also extended the friction between Governors and their County assembly representatives.Most of the County representatives have vowed to shoot down these outrageous proposals once they are brought to their county chambers for debate.To their arguments,there are more pressing issues that needs to be addressed first like ,roads,health,water and citizenry empowerment both economically and socially.

And,it is disheartening to see wrangles between Governors and County assembly representatives take centre stage and escalate at the expense of development.

The voice that is being put across the board is for the Governors to shun luxury.According to Senate’s panel on Education,information,communication and technology,the budget presented by some Counties are mere wish lists and would not be funded.To these committee ,some of the budgets were over ambitious and the government could not allocate money for them.”As Senate we shall not micro-manage the County’s budget ,but,some of them are just wish lists.And ,that’s why some County representatives are refusing to pass them”.

The Controller of budget has also queried these County budget estimates and has warned that she will not approve any County budget which is not in line with the devolved functions.Ms,Agnes Odhiambo,told the Senate’s Finance,Commerce and Economic affairs committee that some of the inclusions in the budget were illegal.”Where Counties have budgeted for functions which are in the domain of the national government we will not approve.Some have budgeted for car grants,car loans and gratuities,yet this has not been cleared with Salaries and Remuneration Commission.We will not approve.

The lawmakers have also urged the Governors to cut down on luxurious spending and invest more funds on development projects.They questioned why some Governors had allocated millions of shillings toward entertainment yet key projects received poor funding.

Kenyans want to gain from County governments ,but,some Governors are doing the opposite by allocating themselves too much money for luxurious living.County governments must spend public funds well.They should direct more funds toward development projects at the grassroots to reduce poverty levels.

But,all is not lost on Counties,some do have bright futures if their strategic plans are anything to go by.A case in point remains that of Machakos County under the stewardship of Governor,Dr.Alfred Mutua.He has already hit the ground running as far as development is concerned and laying strategies on how best he will develop his County.

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