Corruption;Why is it that any undertaking that takes place in our country is riddled with corruption?

Why is it that any undertaking that takes place in our country is riddled with corruption,at behind the scenes ,before it reaches fruiting?Or,is it our nature of politicking that blows everything out of proportion?

It is pity to note that any project that is undertaken in our country is devoured by the hungry political sharks,who are well connected political elites and barons.These projects sometimes turns out to be white elephants as they were a ploy to defraud the people’s money,due to corruption.

Take the recent case study example ,of the highly sensitive Independent Election Boundaries Commission,electronic biometric registration tendering kit,which was cancelled at the eleventh hour ,after it was rumoured it was riddled with corruption.Now the whole process of electronic biometric kits has being watered down and thrown in to disarray by this ill-motive vice.A good idea has being reduced to ashes by the agents of corruption

The awarding of the tender was rumoured to have being awarded to a highly connected company whose bid was too high compared to others ,hence the public outcry which forced the Independent Election Boundaries Commission to cancel the tendering process.The Independent Election Boundaries Commission,was forced to take a hasty retreat so as to clear dark clouds that were hovering around the independent election institution,and,to restore it’s credibility.

That move by Independent Election Boundaries Commission to cancel that electronic biometric tendering kit forced the executive to intervene,and,it insisted that the process must go on despite what has transpired.It said that the Biometric electronic kit must be in place to enhance a free and fair election to avoid a recurrence of the 2007/8 post election chaos which were blamed on poor management of elections ,and,especially the tallying of votes which were rumoured to be doctored.Thus ,the 2007 elections were concluded as not free and fair.

According to Kriegler Commission,which investigated what went wrong with the 2007 election process,it noted that the elections were poorly mismanaged by the former Election Commission of Kenya where massive rigging characterized the election.The manual voting process was blamed for the chaos we witnessed at the tallying centers .Double voting were rife at the voting centers.

Thus ,in one of it’s recommendations it had advised the election institution to invest in electronic voting process to deter any element of cheating,rigging,or,any malpractise that can manipulate an election.While advocating for the usage of an electronic voting kit,the commission noted that the kit is widely used and is 100 percent proven beyond doubt ,which is used in developed countries in the world.

The unfolding of this story showcases and unfolds a behind the scenes chapter of how procurement and tendering processes in the systems of governance are riddled with corruption.This is where the fat cats in the government wheel deals,as money exchanges hands so as to influence the tendering process.

This whole tendering and procurement processes in the government are havens of corruption ,they are subject to manipulation by the ruling elites and political barons,who all do have vested interests in the process.They always capitalize ,and,takes advantage of the weaker procurement laws.

This is what goes through in the government ministries and state corporations -condoning corruption.Dubious and suspicious deals do characterize our systems of governance.The number of corruption scandals that have rocked our government tell it all.From Goldenberg, anglo- leasing ,national hospital insurance fund,Dela rue money printing,plus others speaks volumes.

According Wikileaks data cable from Nairobi American Embassy,it depicted Kenya as an island of corruption ,where there is massive corruption and bribery.

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