…….Corruption…..Has Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission lost it’s credibilty as an Institution that’s mandated by the constituion to fight Corruption….Is clear now that E.A.C.C never intended to fight corruption

…….Has Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission{E.A.C.C} lost it’s credibility as an institution that is mandated to fight corruption? Has it lost it’s moral obligation and direction in the war on corruption? Is it up to the task?

These are the questions that the Kenyan citizenry are asking themselves following the recent negative shenanigans that has crept into the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission which are unfolding which are painting a picture of an institution that is under the siege of powerful corrupt cartels .The citizenry have lost their faith and confidence in the institution in fighting corruption.They are treating them suspiciously and in awe.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has been under intense pressure following the new evidence that placed Ms.Waiguru,at the heart of the Kshs.791 million National Youth Service scandal.And,that explosive expose affidavit by Ms.Kabura which dragged Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in the murky waters of corruption puts it at an unfamiliar situation…a tinder-box….where they do have a sormountable mountain to climb if they want to convince Kenyan citizenry that they are up to the task and will power to fight corruption .

The reports that the Institution is a subject of manipulation by the powerful corrupt cartel and the ruling elites is a matter of grave concern ,while putting into consideration the Billion of shillings that are been allocated to the Institution so that it can fight the runaway corruption.

And,with that damning report ,the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has lost the moral obligation it enjoyed in fighting corruption,of which puts other cases before it in a quagmire. These reports also avers that ours is a “bandit economy”where we have reached the lowest point in graft.Everywhere you go graft is the chorus.And,anyone who dares to fight the vice is destroyed .What will it take to rid the country off the vice?

Ms.Kabura ,a suspect in the National Youth Service scandal ,alleged that investigators from the Banking Fraud Unit bailed her out and faked arrests,while escorting her to sleep in her own house instead of being locked up in the police cells. She also claimed that she was tipped off about raids by detectives at her house by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission operatives and asked to remove any incriminating evidence in the fake searches.

But,according to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission ,chairman,Phillip Kinisu,on personal relation stunts,he says that all the staff of the E.A.C.C will be vetted afresh as the new team seeks to put it’s house in order .The vetting will help the Anti-graft agency have a fresh start.

He said that the commission has suffered negative public perception with a feeling that it was ineffective and largely biased ,adding that the new team has been working out ways to come up with a strategy to crack down on wanton corruption.”The law provides for the vetting.This will not be done with a view to sacking individuals ,but to ensure we have the right people in place for the work we want to do.”

And,it is worth noting that the commission ,the Banking Fraud unit,the Directorate of Criminal investigations,the Directorate of Public prosecution and even the Judiciary have been blamed for attempts to cover up the theft thought to be in the tune of Kshs.1.6 billion.

But,does Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission do have that moral obligation and willpower to fight corruption ?Has corruption reached beyond the reach of this institution that has been established to fight it?

Methinks that it is annoying to watch the helplessness of those mandated to fight corruption.It is clear that the apostles of corruption are fast leading Kenya’s economy into a furnace of hades. And,corruption in Kenya has been glorified so much that our youth now fancy becoming corrupt as long as they are not caught.

The dragon of Kenyan corruption is like a gargantuan Octopus,and,it is not about to be vanquished in a hurry.Corruption diverts,or,subverts ,productive resources from the mainstream public good to be used often for personal and private use. Corruption benefits a few ,but,penalizes and punishes virtually everyone .

And,the moral decadency is promoted by the leaders we elect to protect our wealth .Each day comes with new revelations that only convince us they are the proverbial foxes in sheepskins.

According to Godwin Murunga,a columnist with Daily Nation,had written that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission,has never intended to fight corruption.He also asks proverbial questions that ,how come we Kenyans cannot see that the E.A.C.C was never intended to fight corruption ?Even the directors and commissioners are now bored at our inability to see it and have decided to let you know they do not intend nor care about fighting corruption.They wonder how come you Kenyans cannot see that the people in-charge of that commission have not read and understood their mandate .

According to Lawyer ,Wachira Maina,he argues that the sullied reputation of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission,the police and the Banking Fraud unit will be a real headache.Most Kenyans see the growing incompetence of the E.A.C.C ,it’s loopsided ,and,now so it seems ,compromised investigations,as the real threat to anti-corruption reform in Kenya.

He argued that ,many will think that it is better to be without an anti-corruption agency than to have one that is dangerously misdirected ,or,is a stooge of the powerful .In the recent past,the E.A.C.C has been busy conducting metricious “crash and bang”searches and seizures at the homes of the suspects ,ostensibly to look for incriminating documents that may have been squirrelled away from government offices.

He further states that ,if true that in the Waiguru’s case they had warned the suspects to expect the searches ,hoe do we know they have not done so in those other cases?That ,in turn will raise more troubling questions ;what evidence exactly had Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission reviewed when they recently exonerated Ms.Waiguru?Did they interview any of the suspects ?Did they scrutinize Ms.Waiguru’s bank accounts and if yes,what of those of her sister ,who is prominently mentioned?

That Kabura affidavit has them scrambling to restart an investigation they had already buried will encourage no one.If they were right to exonerate Ms.Waiguru in the first place ,why should the affidavit change anything?Did they, infact ,conduct any investigations at all,or,had they merely ran a charade of media optics for political purposes.

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