….Now the Corruption chorus innuendos have hit the crescendo ,making it the subject of discussions….with the recent Afya House and National Youth Service scams being the trending jest in the face of Kenya

…..Now the corruption chorus innuendos have hit the crescendo ,making it the subject of discussions ,of which is trending in the Kenya circle.From newspaper headlines,radio and television talk shows,blog posts,bar and salon talks have all being flooded with this corruption scandal exposes.

The recent Afya House and National Youth Service scams are the trending jest in the face of Kenya.And,the stories of mega corruption in the Jubilee government are frequent ,shocking and depressing.Wherever we turn ,we are confronted by hungry hordes of eaters ,either gnawing away at our very own existence ,or,dreaming of making political capital out of the mad eating so as to take charge of the eating themselves.

And,money ,especially ill-gotten ,has a powerful effect on those who come into contact with it’s corrupting influence ,particularly if they are coming to it late in life after a humble existence.

The problem with the war on corruption in Kenya is that it has been turned into a joke.It is influenced by cartels who have a way of penetrating into each successive governments.Corruption is a gravy train for those we expect to fight the vice.

And,Kenyans have been fighting a losing war against corruption.To blame ,are the weak laws ,with the many loopholes that allow high profile culprits to use delaying tactics so that cases drag in the courts.

Corruption is a dragon that can cripple an economy no matter how robust it is.And,Kenya isn’t an exemption,it will soon collapse if the theft of public resources isn’t stopped.

Corruption is a clear indication of our country’s moral decay and lack of patriotism among many citizens.And,the most disappointing thing is that we seem to have accepted corruption as a way of life.

Corruption remains the single most debilitating disease gnawing at the heart of the nation.It is becoming a national crisis .We cannot runaway from it .This is why we continue to spotlight it and insist the President must take bold steps and actions to contain it.

Several cases have emerged in the past detailing how billions of taxpayers’ money were looted ,or,misdirected ,which cannot be properly accounted for.Unfortunately,none has been dealt with convincingly ,lending credence to the claim that the administration doesn’t have the capacity and will power to contain this cancerous vice.

And,that’s why ,the Catholic Bishops told President Uhuru ,that he is not doing enough to fight graft.They insisted that he must personally intervene and ensure that any government officer adversely mentioned in theft of public funds must step aside immediately while investigations continue.They insisted that the President must take action on corruption.

The Catholic Bishops were joining the strong voices that are asking President Uhuru to deal firmly with the runaway corruption that threatens to demolish his legacy.And,it seems the heat is gathering and the only way out is to seize the suspects and make them pay for their sins.

For the past two weeks ,the suspected misappropriation of Kshs.5 billion ,at the Ministry of Health ,has dominated the headlines and desperate attempts by the government to explain it away the matter have failed.The story expose based on an Afya House ,Nairobi,internal audit report that disclosed shocking misappropriation of funds are just but a tip of the iceberg.

Added to this is the on going investigation by a Parliamentary select committee into the Kshs.791 million heist at the National Youth Service and which the figure ,it is turning out,is ballooning into billions ;far more than what was initially reported .

While connecting the dots in the massive National Youth Service scandal ,we were treated to a dramatic episode ,captured live on television,as high level individuals suspected to be involved in the National Youth Service scandal appeared before the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.

From presentations by supposed multi millionaire hair-dresser ,Josephine Kabura and driver ,John Kago to former Devolution Principal Secretary ,Peter Mangiti and former Cabinet Secretary ,Anne Waiguru,we saw scenes of the accusations and counter -accusations

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