The continued attack on Independent Election and Boundaries Commission by CORD coalition

To the CORD coalition,the dice for the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission ,must be cased.And,according to them the verdict is out and it must take it’s effect immediately before the next general election.Of late the CORD top echelons have being on a targeted war path with the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission,where they have being calling for it’s disbandment.With each an every passing day they have being launching scathing attacks on Independent Election and Boundaries Commission,discrediting it and portraying it as a failed institution which is dogged by controversies, and,it is inefficient,corrupt of which it favours one side of the political divide.They have being calling for it’s disbandment and overhaul.

According to their arguments ,the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission ,have failed short of turning itself to be a credible institution and on the edge ,and,of late it has being leaning towards the Jubilee government.

Since they lost the March 4 general election,the CORD coalition have being living in self denial ,and ,on the edge as orphaned kids.And,it seems as if they haven’t let the loss get over their heads,or,slip like waters under the bridge.They haven’t digested and moved forward .According to the look of things ,it seemed the CORD coalition had high hopes of garnering and clinching the presidency.

But,alas ,their arithmetic didn’t work out for them.They faced a tyranny of numbers.They cheated themselves and believed the biased opinion polls as they hadn’t done their homework well as they were outmanoeuvred by the Jubilee coalition.

And,it was on that vein that the CORD coalition disputed the outcome of the presidential tally and challenged it’s validity at the Supreme Court,where they proclaimed that democracy was on trial which was orchestrated by Independent Election and Boundaries Commission,where they conducted a flawed election.Again,here they failed to convince the judges that the election was flawed ,or,it was full of irregularities as they had proclaimed.

After they plan hit a concrete wall ,and, reached a dead end ,then they ignited a war with the Supreme Court,for what they termed as passing of a flawed justice,where the Court struck out their evidence with a stroke of a pen.

Since that Supreme Court’s verdict of uphelding the outcome of the general election ,the CORD coalition has being launching missiles towards Independent Election and Boundaries Commission.They want to portray the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission as a failed commission in the eyes of the public opinion courts, which is incapable of managing and conducting a credible poll.

And,just like wandering sheeps which wanders in the wilderness after their leader has being vanquished ,the CORD coalition have being behaving the same since Raila Odinga’s loss.Politicall he is in the cold,and,in limbo.Their followers seems totally lost on everything and don’t have a clear sense of direction of where they want to head.They are in a chaotic aggression situation-where they are behaving like potatoes in a sack ,and,when they are poured out ,they do scatter in all directions.

After Kethi Kilonzo, was disqualified in the Makueni senatorial seat by Independent Election and Boundaries Commission,as she had not registered as a voter ,the CORD coalition was irritated.They have being attacking the Electoral commission from centre,right and left.They are at forefront of attacking this commission,calling for it’s disbandment.

According to Maina Kiai,a vocal castigator of election commission,while commenting on Kethi’s disqualification,wrote that Independent Election and Boundaries Commission was the judge,prosecutor and executioner.The decision by the electoral commission to disqualify Kethi from contesting the Makueni senatorial seat was not unexpected to discerning observer,for Independent Election and Boundaries Commission was prosecutor,judge and executioner.Since 2012 the electoral commission has swayed to the tune of the powers that be ,making decisions that benefit those in power.

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