….The constant and persistent public civil servants strikes:Portrays a picture of disparities in salary numeration scale which isn’t consumate to the economic realities of a given country…

……..Currently our dear country is experiencing persistent strikes which is being orchestrated by it’s public civil servants.These strikes have become the order of the days .And,these constant strikes by these public civil servants have all one common denominator ……the clamour for better pay packages and numerations,and, a good working conditions.

Also,worth noting is the boldness and authoritative of these union bodies which represents these public civil servants.

Right now the doctors ,and,university lecturers are on a prolonged strikes ,the nurses are also threatening to down their tools and abandon their jobs if their part of bargaining agreement isn’t honoured.The teachers keeps on issuing threats if they do feel betrayed on their bargaining agreement.

And,all these strikes are pointers to a society which is uneven when it comes to salary scale numerations of it’s public civil servants.Picture this scenario,a well educated doctor,engineer,lecturer ,nurse and teacher,who spends most of their times in their work stations are paid peanuts which isn’t consummerate to their jobs they perform;whereas a Member of Parliament,senator,or,member of county assembly who most of them don’t spend much time legislating are rewarded handsomely in terms of salary pay package,plus other benefits.

This picture displays a disparity in salary scale which isn’t consummate to economic realities of a given country.

And,looking at the bigger picture concerning this public civil servant strikes ,it is that they are creating a negative impact to the economy and the country in general.Also this agitation for higher pay increments will erode the country and the government coffers

Sometimes it leads up to the diversion of funds meant for the development and committed to the recurrent expenditure of which strains the government.

Also,the essential services that these professionals do offer to the citizenry are being hampered due to them laying down their tools.

Take stock of the current doctor’s strike and the negative impact it has created in the society.Most public hospitals have grinded to a halt and the citizenry are the ones who are feeling the pinch of the doctor’s strike.Most of them can’t afford the services of private hospitals which are costly.

But,it is our culture of not rewarding our civil servants accordingly ,and,the disparities in public civil servants salary scales that makes our nation prone to persistent and constant strikes.The civil servants salary scales hasn’t being harmonised for years hence the disparities.

And,despite the government’s promise to harmonise the public civil servants salary scales,it hasn’t done so to correct the anomalies.This government’s reluctant move not to harmonise the salary scale has contributed to the country’s brain drain as these civil servants do migrate in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

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