Commercial sex workers;Do they have a place in this liberal world.

They paraded in the streets in the name of demonstration,with their faces behind masks,which in their own words,they are fighting for their rights and recognition of their business.In their aired views ,they said that they are constantly being harassed by the authorities.Those are commercial sex workers,a.k.a,prostitutes.And,long gone are the days when they were been referred to as prostitutes;in the modern language ,they are referred to as “commercial sex workers”.

It is considered as one of the oldest professions in the world.It even existed before christ[B.c].It’s roots can be traced to many centuries ago.Even in the Biblical times there were personalities and instances that were associated with prostitution,or,engaged in it.So,it has been with us since time immemorial.

Prostitution is an act of having sex with people in exchange of money.And,a prostitute,is a person usually a woman ,who has sex with men in exchange for money.Overall,it is an act of selling once’s body for monetary gains.

And,to the conservative africans ,the act of prostitution is devilish,sinful,evil in itself,and the people who practise and engage in it are demonished who are society’s outcasts who are possessed by evil spirits and should be condemned.Prostitution has no place in the african cultural societal setup.

But,in a more secular countries and societies ,they have allowed it,where they have allocated a few red light districts where they do operate on.

The recent demonstration by prostitutes to push for legal recognition of their trade is something that the society must not take kindly.It’s one thing for persons to engage in acts that the society consider an abomination,but,it’s another for them to go public and declare that that’s what they do is terrifying.It is height of permissiveness.

And,nowadays this issue has come to be the subject of discussions,where in one instance ,the Nairobi Mayor,was quoted saying that the City Council might review it’s by-laws,and,legalize prostitution,a statement which he later retracted after a public outcry.And,in a matter of coincidence the prostitutes emerged out of their closets to stage a demonstration raising a finger that they want recognition of their trade and their shouldn’t be harassed.They argued that they are ready to pay up taxes .

But,as a society,are we ready to accomodate and tolerate these trade in our midst?

Although we are living in a liberal world,the sex commercial workers needs to understand that laws are not made from a vacuum,they are based on people’s beliefs and values.The fact that they held a demonstration with their faces behind masks is a testimony that they too know that their business stinks.

Prostitution,like all other evils is hard to wipe out,but,it can be controlled,and,criminalizing it is one of the surest ways of keeping it in check.

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