Are these Coalition’s manifestoes realistic?

…..Amid colour ,pomp,and,jubilation,is what we say about the Jubilee coalition manifesto launch on February 3rd.The launch itself was a prime event which was billed to have surpassed the expectations,where exemplary organization came into play.Everything came to live during that launch .

The blueprint manifesto policies were a good thought out prospects which were hinged on three main pillars.They were too good to resist.

The C.O.R.D coalition was the first to launch it’s own version of it’s manifesto,where they had outlined their own manifesto agendas which were full of promises of which they promised the citizenry they would fulfill.Other coalitions and parties are also expected to launch their own manifestos soon and it will be a total replica of the others.

And,these coalitions manifestoes are too good to resist to the citizenry,as they have outlined good policies which if fully implemented would propel this country to greater heights of prosperity.If these manifestos are just smokescreens then we are in a quagmire.

But,the ironic part of it is that they are not telling us how they will finance all these policies .As the presidential aspirants go around lying to us about the millions of jobs ,good roads and even interest free loans for youth and women ,one question they must answer is;where will the money come from?As it is now,the government can hardly meet it’s financial obligations without borrowing money.

Let us demand hard facts from these presidential aspirants.They are informing us about the policies they will implement when elected .This is of interest but we would be better informed if they told us how their election promises will be funded.The outgoing administration has overspent and borrowed to the excess ,while Kenya Revenue Authority is way down on it’s planned revenue collection.

Actually ,is the state even solvent.Surely,it is clear that the next government must cut borrowing and spending ,instil austerity measures which will be vital for this to be achieved .No candidate has touched on this inconvenient fact

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