The Civil Society:Are they still relevant to the current meandering of social justice?And,do they have a moral authority and obligation to cast a stone to the Establishment?

Are our Civil Society groups relevant to the current meandering of social justice,or,are they having an ulterior motive behind the clamour of social justice?Or,are they puppets of western ideologies which they do want to entrench in our culture?Do they represent the citizenry’s interests ,and,why are they partisan when it comes to rendering their support to various vested interested parties?

And,in this modern times ,do they have the moral authority and obligation to cast a stone to the Establishment they do condemn and castigate?And,why is it that their moral character questionable?Are they up to the task and challenge of ensuring that social justice do prevail?

If their recent activities are anything to go by ,then we might wonder whether we do have a vibrant civil society worth a mention.They have being accussed of gaining monetary at the expense of practising what they preach.And,at the end of this there’s nothing much you can write home about concerning these civil society groups.

And,of late these civil society groups have been a pale shadow unto themselves and they have being accused in the public opinion courts because of their hypocritical tendencies when it comes to matters of public interest.At the same time there has been accusations that has been levelled against these civil society groups that has been swpt under the carpet ,and,despite government’s effort to clean up these institutions have met with resistance.The government is accused of trying to bully and silence the civi society.

They are thought to be drinking wine while at the same time preaching water .The gospel they do advocate in the public gallery isn’t the same one they do practise.They do eat the bread where it is buttered most.

Comparing these civil society groups of today and those of yesteryears,they are two contrary items.They are parallel to each other.While civil society of yesteryears were bold,categorical,resolved and they pursued a path which they felt that social justice of the citizenry were infringed and violated .But,today’s civil society is full of trickery pedestrians,whose only resolve is the money.They are biased in their resolves .

And,to those who oppose their school of thought ,they do accuse them of being mere puppets of the western ideologies.These groups are heavily funded by these western countries .And,this played and replicated itself during the last general election where it was a fact that they threw their weight behind a certain candidate who was a pro-west

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