….The choices that Kenyan will make in the forthcoming general elections will have some consequences…….Where do these patronising Envoys want 6 million Kenyans to take their votes?….

……………..According to United State of America,Secretary of State for African Affairs,Johnnie Carson,the choicesthat Kenyans will make in the forthcoming general election will have some consequences.Obviously,and,a matter of fact,he was voicing his comment in relation to the candidature of the Jubilee coalition Presidential hopeful,Uhuru Kenyatta,and,his running mate,William Ruto,who have been indicted by International Criminal Courts.And,with that ironic statement by Mr.Carson,it was clear he was stating his position that Kenyans shouldn’t elect the duo who have been indicted by The International Criminal courts

Carson’s statement came after the afterthought of President Obama’s message to the Kenyan people .Mr.Obama,through a video link message had said that Kenyan people do have a right to elect a person of their choice.He said that they will respect the decision of the Kenyan people.The U.S.A ,President was stating his country’s position concerning the looming Kenya’s general election.

Most Kenyans had digested what he had said,and,jubilation within the jubilee camp was palpable ,for Obama’s statement served to debunk impression that the U.S was against the UhuRuto duo being elected to lead Kenya while set for the dock at the Hague.

But,jubilation was shortlived as Mr.Carson,threw the spanner at the work,and,came with his bombshell-the bubble burst with the clarification provided by him.That statement added a twist of what Obama had said.Obama’s top African policy adviser reiterated that while Kenyans have the right to elect their leaders,some choices they would make would come with “consequences”.

These statement prompted other western diplomats to join the fray ,and,add their voice to the already hot issue debate.They said that they will maintain minimal contacts with Kenya should Jubilee coalition carries the day on March 4, in line with the Rome statute.

And,these assertions created a wave of brouhaha from the Kenyan citizenry telling off the western nations.According to T.N.A ‘s ,director of communication,Mr.Waikenda,Kenyans are not retards -where do these patronising envoys want 6 million Kenyans to take their votes to?The utterances by a number of foreign envoys regarding the general election and the cases awaiting 4 Kenyans at the I.C.C are not at all helpful.Infact ,they are building up such a huge reservoir of resentment across much of the country that it could soon boil over into rage.

What a pity,for instance ,that U.S president Obama’s thoroughly statemanlike YouTube video “message to the people of Kenya,”should have been followed up so quickly by the outrageous televised remarks by British High Commissioner,Christian Turner,and,Mr.Carson.

Obama’s message was clear ,concise and eminently commonsensical.He told Kenyans that U.S.A does not endorse any candidate for office and was only interested in “credible and peaceful elections.”As far as the people of Kenya are concerned ,Obama’s core message was;the choice of who will lead Kenya is up to Kenyans.The U.S does not endorse any candidate for office.But we support an election that is peaceful and reflects the will of the people.

But,then,Turner waded into the conversation with his tiresome tirade about the British,neither communicating with the I.C.C indictee ,nor,telling Kenyans who to vote for.

The ironic questions are ,what are the west nations trying to tell Kenyans people during this electioneering period?Why are they poking noses in our pot?Are they trying to dictate terms to Kenya?And whom are they supporting in this general election?What exactly do the two want the millions of Kenyans who freely conscientiously and democratically support the jubilee coalition to do with their votes?

Their actions and remarks constitute to an undiplomatic abomination,and,this preposterous contradiction is a total insult to Kenyas’ intelligence .We voters find busybody envoy’s attitude and threats to be totally abhorent .By making thinly veiled threats about breakdowns in “communication”,and ,unspecified dire “consequences “if Kenyans vote for certain candidates .Mr.Turner,and ,Carson are trying to disenfranchise some of the most enterprising ,progressive and forward looking Kenyans.

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