Is there a case for the national dialogue?

………Having vowed that we shall never trek the less travelled road we travelled in the year 2007/8…….which led to the post election violence… now crystal clear that we might be heading to that route if the recent political activities are anything to go by.If we don’t cool,arrest and contain the current political situation carefully we might be slidding into an abyss.

The country is highly polarised due to this political utterances and incitements.But,barely a year has passed ,and,we are faced with a dilemma ,a threat of national unrest and widespread demonstration across the country.The diatribe of saba saba and demands for national dialogue raises the political temperatures which effectively takes us back some 20 years besides giving reform maniacs nolstagia.

Our politics are really interesting and we never have a dull moment .We would actually enjoy our politics save for the fact our negative ethnicity politics sometimes run out of hand and cause negative and nasty repercussions.

And,it seems as if some political leaders are living in denial,they didn’t accept the people’s verdict and the fact that they lost that general election.That’s why they are stroking political shenanigans to remain politically relevant ,and,to use this platform to rescue their dwindling political careers.They want to cause disturbances ,chaos and witness the country as it heads to the dogs.

Since the return of Raila Odinga ,the CORD coalition has being holding political rallies,which in their say is meant to force the jubilee government to accept to hold a structured national dialogue.But,their agitation is stroking ethnic tensions in the country ,while at the same time polarising it .The citizenry are living in constant fear of unknown as they don’t know what will transpire next.

But,it’s Raila’s call for a political rally on saba saba that has heightened the political tensions in the country.While putting into consideration the fact that the past rallies has resulted in total chaos and destruction of property the Kenyan citizenry has a case to worry

In Raila’s words ,”that day will be the defining moment for Kenya”where he has talked about dire consequences should President Kenyatta not heed his call of national dialogue .According to him ,the level of insecurity ,corruption ,disunity ,devolution ,electoral bias and “amendment to the constitution”were entering the danger zone and could only be dealt with through national dialogue involving all Kenyans.The CORD leaders will ask Kenyans to make a resolution on how to force the government to accept demands for dialogue when the coalition holds it’s saba saba rally

But,according to political observers and pundits these CORD rallies are dangerous in itself as they are polarising the ethnically ,tribalistic and divided nation.And,this is replicating what transpired and happened after the 2005 referendum when the seed of hatred,discord ,ethnicity and tribalism was planted and propagated by politicians which the end results was the post election chaos.

It is in these CORD rallies that some politicians are propagating hatred using utterances that borders hate speech that could provoke ethnic tension ,or,incite Kenyans to cause political disturbances.Also,these rallies are scaring away the would be investors ,and,at the economic front they aren’t good.

Thus,the CORD coalition has being urged to scale and tone down it’s political rhetorics because they are polarising the country evoking the past bad memories.A country which is ethnically and tribalistically divided can’t be teased with these kind of inciting rallies.

The careless and reckless utterances that are coming out of these rallies are worrying.And,the road these politicians wants to take us is a less travelled road which we have travelled before as a nation and we know it’s negative repercussions

But,is a case of dialogue?Methinks that KENYA does not need a national dialogue as proposed by the CORD leaders .It needs a government that is working hard to deliver on it’s election pledges and a CORD side that keeps the government on it’s toes.

According to President Kenyatta ,and ,his Deputy Ruto,and ,jubilee Members of Parliament ,they are opposed to the said dialogue.They have also questioned the platform on which Raila is demanding dialogue,instead saying that issues raised by CORD can be addressed in Parliament.

In particular,President Kenyatta ,and,government have made it clear that dialogue should be held through the people’s representatives in Parliament.President Kenyatta has dismissed dialogue calls arguing that the jubilee government is not interested in political threatrics.Anyone with issues to discuss ,he said ,was welcome to State House.”We cannot spend all the time as a country politicking as if we are in an election period when we concluded elections a long time ago,”he stated.

Deputy president,Ruto,stated that no leader was elected by mistake and those in office sshould focus on developing Kenya,instead of wasting time politicking .If it is saba saba we heard of it 20 years ago.This demonstrates that they nothing new to tell Kenyans.We will not spend our time on useless controversies.he said.

Religious leaders,elders and unionists have called for caution in CORD’S demand for dialogue with Uhuru ahead of the planned saba saba rally.They called Raila to call off the rally and seek dialogue without conditions.

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