Putting into consideration our leadership crisis, a headless and dysfunctional cabinet failure to meet and unite around the proposed constitution complete with the amendments required to resolve grey areas could be a reflection of national despair.

But in manner of introspect does these purported leaders of ours deserve the pedigree of a charismatic virtues leaders, leaders who can get accolades of accreditation, appraisals and who can get a fraction of our attention?

At this critical moment in our history in the country,” the defining moment”, the moment in history we do want to entrench a new constitution dispensation and offer our country a new lease of life, can there be that charismatic and virtue leader who we can call to stand and be counted?

Are there these leaders who can rise above the fray of partisan party and tribal politics irrespective of their political and tribal affiliations? Are there political moderates of an extraordinary quality in their character, who just like the Biblical Moses whom the ancient Hebrews believed in him and followed him out Egypt, for he was a cornerstone of inspiration?

From time to time as I have been commenting in this opinion column that the greatest enemy and a threat to the Kenyan politics and as acountry, then its powerful clique of the political elites, barons and the tribal chiefs. All our political problems emanate and stems from this group. They are political frauds who have abdicated their leadership roles and threaten to lead us down the path of death and destruction. From corruption scandals, tribal violence and the stagnations of the country’s any undertaking or any other thing that makes life such a drag are alienated with them

According to Niccolo Machiavelli, in his famous book, THE PRINCE, while analyzing the ways of acquiring power in any estate or republic, he mentioned and highlighted this group. He analyzed the means of acquiring power through the barons. These political; elites and barons do offer all their logistic and material support for their preferred leader to acquire power. After a leader gets elected they do control the Governments operations for that leader must return alms and reward these barons. He concludes that this is where the dragon of ill motives and a negative for public funds crops up.

And this is the kind of politics that have been adopted and perfected here in Kenya by our political operatives. And in our case it sometimes do have negative repercussions which turns out to be murky and quaky.

Our politicians need to borrow a leaf from the triumphant athletes who did us proud in the just ended world cross country championship in Bydgoszcs,Poland.Despite our politicians bid to dampen the spirits of millions, there was something worth cheering about, when 30 Kenyans in some polish city with an unpronounceable name contrived to lift our spirits.

Right from the time when we attained independence, the barons have successfully infiltrated the difference successive Governments where they have clearly manifested themselves for they have proved to be the cog in the wheel. They are the political wheeldealers, chief strategies mostly conservative type- to the extent of turncoats if the situation dictates, they are the defining moments of any type of Govornment.They are the force to reckon and behind the scenes force.

Contrary, these grouping do have interests that they want to be catered for or to be protected and thus with a ring of power at their disposal it plays to their advantage, also they have a reason to manipulate the system at the expense of the electorate.

But until when shall Kenyan people continue to be held hostage and been manipulated by the oppressive political barons and elites who holds us down? Is it time to write political obituaries for these barons and elites?

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