According to most political pundits, who are in the know how of how most liberation’s and revolutions revolves, American to French revolutions, they do argue that the best political ideas do emerge and are well structured in the systems of governance during the times of crisis. Another good example is Rwanda, after going through one of the most heinous and devious genocide, today Rwanda boasts as one of the few African countries with a good constitution and a pillar of democracy.

For quite along time Kenyans have been yearning for a quest of a new constitution dispensation, but our leaders have always made it a game of musical chairs where they do shift the goal posts. This has always resulted to negative repercussions as it manifested itself clearly during the post election violence’s.

After the post election violence ceased, after a prolonged and protracted mediation talks, the leaders vowed to offer the political will to institute the necessary reforms mechanism to avoid any other vital occurrences.

To political observer’s arguments, innocent blood was shed during the violence’s and according to them it should have acted as the liberating and unifying factor. They argue that the country was and is in a pregnant mood and it needs good midwives to operate the process carefully the process carefully and successfully without causing a miscarriage. That task to midwife the country was given to our leaders after they signed the National accord, but they haven’t initiated the process and they are only dragging their feet.

Our leaders in disguise of the politicians keeps on changing the goal posts and postponing the idea of reformation, thus stealing the thunder from the reformers. Yesterday’s reformers are today’s conservative turncoats who champions for status quo to remain, but, it depends of which political divide you are.

But, can the Kenyan’s rise up to the occasion and lead a revolution to awaken our leaders and tell that we need radical reformation to our institutions of governance and scare away our pretenders?

As the coalition government keeps on postponing the idea of reforms and a new constitutional dispensation, I think it needs reawakening by Kenyan themselves despite been in the same coalition government different divergent views do emerge, even the cabinet can’t agree on some key resolutions. Their focus is always at the next election and how to survive the turbulent murky political waters, thus shoving aside the uphill task ahead of clearing the way by reforming our institutions.

The Agenda 4 of the National Accord which holds the key solutions to the country’s stagnation continues to be shoved aside. Empty rhetoric promises has become the hall mark of the coalition government. They are not connected to the real realities which are on the ground.

The current Kenya situation reminds me of a famous story that is narrated about Queen Marie Antoinette, of, France, lived in the 18th century at the time and height of French revolution .After the revolution broke out the wife of the king asked why the people were revolting. She was told that it was because there was no bread.” Why don’t they eat cake?” She asked .She had no clue that the common man did not eat cake at will .She had been so shield by the aristocratic world she lived in that she did not know the realities of life facing the commoners.

This a good ironical story that we can relate to our leaders .Despite having our mandate to lead us they aren’t up to the challenge and reality of life which is proving to be more challenging and reality of life which is proving to be more challenging to the commoners .They are ignorant of the fact that Kenya is in dive need of change if we are going to be prosperous as a nation and in our Endeavour’s.

Kenya faces a leadership crisis and those who are purporting to be our leaders are leading us astray. The development of leadership in Kenya has stagnated for quite along. Today, there’s a serious need for the kind of leadership that can take this great country to a dignified level. These purported leaders of ours don’t have the characteristic of what molds a leader.

But, can the Kenyan people lead a revolution against the government, leader and tell them that their time is up?

As much as we require a revolution whether Machiavelli moments is ripe or not ; highly doubt it can ever happen because Kenyans have been demargogued ripe by the politicians and only what they thinks is based on the perspective of tribe, money and genetic heritage. And this reminds me of a certain gentleman w2hile commenting in one of the famous talk show commented that, Kenyan politicians is based and afflicted on tribe factor that’s tribal politics where tribal chiefs do call the shots.

And, this always proves to be a dangerous engagement and a major hindrance of which precipitates negative repercussions. Thus, as much as we need this revolution, it must involve getting Kenyans to understand that neither money, genetic heritage nor tribal affiliation makes a leader.

A fellow who has never traveled in a matatu used a pit latrine, lived without water, gone barefooted, dealt with a jigger may not truly understand the reality of hustles of life of what commoners go through.

Kenyans need a people-led revolution as those in government are ignorant of the fact that the commoners are going through a harsh predicament .But to some they do behave and act like the proverbial frog which despite been helped to reach the next ridge , it watered down the help it was offered by declaring that it helped itself.

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