Can a coalition government be trusted to offer the necessary leadership especially in the african set up where the winner takes all the share?Can it be the way out to pull a country out of a crisis ?Does it contain the cohesive forces that can bring the warring parties on the same round table?Is it a credible solution in such a demanding situation?Can it be a workable solution that can be trusted to work the way out and offer the necessary solution?

       Following the latest crisis which has engulfed our coalition government we can sum up and conclude that a coalition government is too problematic and isn’t a bed of roses.The is made worse and deteriorates to apoint where it hits below the par if the coalition government was formed out of a crisis,a mean of ceasefire to break the ranks.

      In such a situation ,the key partners do pull in different directions due to their divergent political views.Each partner wants his views to to heard and upheld .After taking a stand they do stood by it ,grounding by it.These grand-standing leads to to mistrusts which creates an aura of suspicion within the coalition partners.

       This is the situation we found ourselves in ,following a disputed election outcome in 2007 ,which precipitated violences.A ceasefire was reached with a settlement and the signing of the National Peace Accord ,which shared power after intense weeks of negotiations.And,thus, KENYA,became the first nation to form a coalition government out of a crisis.The situation at the time dictated the sharing of power among the warring political factions to cool the flared tempers ,as each camp were all claiming victory and they were not relenting.

      And ,there we were with a coalition government in placewhich pulled uot of a crisis,out of the burning woods and placed it back o it’s track ,on the road of healing and recovery.Since it’s inception the coalition government’s road has being bumpy,at times rough,the surface happens to be so uneven ,waters too turbulent,some ups and downs,the becomes too challenging as the coalition jumps from one challenge to the other.Despite these terrifying tremors we have maintained the course.

    But, the good part of it all is that at the end of it all the two principals have maintained cool and their heads high above the fray to stay clear.

    Take the recent latest crisis which went out of hand after President KIBAKI appointed 4 key personalities to fill those constitutional offices.The move has generated more heat than ever ,caused alot of brouhaha ,with the appointments being the subject of discussions as different voices continues to air their views .Through a press release the  President lamented that he had put all the considerations right and even consulted the Prime minister before making his appointments.

    But ,this position was disputed by the ODM side of the coalition who cried foul that it wasn’t consulted on these key appointments.In Prime minister’s words while addressing a press conference ,said that he is not mad and his conscience is clear that he wasn’t consulted at all.

    According to the constitution, it stipulates that the President in consultation with the prime minister must make any key decisionthat touches on governing ,or, any other matter that pertains the filling of any position.

    On the same coin the President’s side of the coalition downplayed and countered the ODM’S arguement by saying that there were extensive seriesof meetings which ended without a conclusion.The Vice-president went astep ahead and gave a detailed account of those   scheduled meetings and ofwhat they couldn’t resolve.

      But, on the flip side of it all,it seemed as if they couldn’t agree on the nominees on whom to settle to occupy these crucial offices.

    After that haggling the President went ahead with his pronouncements which caused a stalemate in the coalition government of which spilled over to the Parliament ,with the House Speaker being on the receiving end to give the direction on this hot issue which were on the cards.In his ruling the speaker delegated the task to the House legal committeeto expound on it.

    But,by analysing critically this sheer shenanigan one concludes that coalition governments aren’t the order of any system.They should be of thelast resort.

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