Campus Divas for rich men……..Money can buy us.What became of our society ,is it in the blink of extinction when it comes to it’s umbrella of Morals? | campus,divas,rich,men,prostitution,sex,university,girls,

campus,divas,rich,men,prostitution,sex,university,girls,Campus divas for rich men…….Money can buy us.These story line tag words has graced our society in a bi way,where media outlets ,and,the social media has helped to spread the story line.It has gone viral in the internet,where a page has been created in the Facebook.That Facebook page is called ,Campus divas for rich men……,with a slogan ,…….Money can buy us.

In the page ,several campus girls have uploaded their photos ,and,profiles with an aim of luring the rich men in the society ,hence the name ,….campus divas for rich men.It’s basically a flesh peddling market place with willing buyers and sellers ,obviously giving the old-age Koinange Street prostitution ,a run for their money.It is a thigh-mongers paradise for all intent and purpose!

The subject ,Campus divas for rich men,is in everybody’s lips ,and,it has turned out to be the subject of discussions in the Radio talk shows ,discussion forums,and,in the social media.Currently,perceived as the most popular Facebook fan page among Kenyans and frequent facebookers ,campus divas for rich men has caught the attention of the media society and government authorities over what has been termed as,immorality among the youth in our Universities institutions.Created on July 3rd,2012,the page has so far managed to attract over 50,000 likes ,a record period of 3 months ,and,still counting.

But,what became of our society ,is it in the blink of extinction when it comes to it’s umbrella of morals?Are we a jinxed society ,a generation which defies ad engages in activities that have been cased by our African societal norms?And,do our society have a future ,putting into consideration that these are young University girls who are engaging in these devious activities?Or,is it a society that is cased and jinxed to oblivion in the devil’s workshop?

In the Facebook page ,the admins of the page are calling on young University girls who are below the age of 25 ,to create an account ,update their profiles and upload their nude pictures.These young University girls are displaying what they have got to offer in terms of sex in total exchange with money,with their target being the rich men.Hence the slogan,campus divas for rich men…….Money can buy us.

But,the story of female University girls have been narrated again and again.For a long time they stands accused of engaging in prostitution ,where it is rumoured that they are the ones who graces the Kenya’s red light district- Koinange Street -for sex-cash exchange.Also,they have been accused of courting the old rich sugar daddies who bankrolls their needs and demands.Their prime target are the rich men in the society.

Two cases in point tells it all,of how these young university girls and the activities they engage in ;In one instance ,a female student was reported to have been infected with the H.I.V virus ,after she engaged and courted a rich cabinet minister ,who was living positive with the virus.And,in the other incident ,another female university student was found murdered after she had attended a night party that was hosted by a rich Member of parliament.Call it the negative repercussions that normally accompanies such incidents.

And,recently a campus diva who is well known in the prostitution circles was reported to have stolen a lump sum amount of money to the tune of 2million belonging to a certain Member of parliament..The honourable Member of parliament ha taken the lady to a holiday destination in Dubai.

The rate at which these university female students are engaging in promiscuous sex ,tells it all;and that underlines that these young girls who goes to campus do engage in prostitution ,where they have been accused of having a fling with their lecturers for favors in theirs grades.They do also act in pornographic videos,and,do grace the stripping clubs.

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