………….Call it economic boycott sabotage…….this is the current trending subject here in Kenya………

…..Call it economic boycott sabotage…….this is the current trending subject here in Kenya. It is the subject of discussions where Kenyans are expressing their considered worth of opinions over the validity of economic sabotage. And, this subject has precipitated a clash of opinions across the political divide. Your stand depends on where you are aligned politically.

And, whether the real intention of the economic boycott sabotage will be realized, or, will have its impact being felt across the political divide only the proponents of the economic sabotage will inform us.

According to the proponents of the economic sabotage …National Super Alliance, they said that their real intention was to sabotage the country’s economy so that the government of the day can agree and heed their calls of dialogue and reforming the nations governance and electoral systems.

They said that they made the move to punish companies they claim are linked to their rival Jubilee and those that allegedly had a role in botching transmissions of presidential results in the August 8 polls. To them, this is the only way to teach these companies a lesson on the consequences of supporting an oppressive regime.

This economic sabotage action plan was hatched by the National Super Alliance coalition who have prevailed upon their followers and supporters to boycott certain products and services of some companies namely Safaricom, Bidco and Brookside. In their considered arguments they say that these companies have been supporting the repressive Jubilee government hence the need to curtail them financially.

National Super Alliance team leader, Raila Odinga, initiated this economic sabotage action plan when he laid out strategies for transforming the National Super Alliance coalition to a National Resistant Movement. He said that they will not relent in their quest and pursuit of reforming the country.

But, love, or, hate him, Raila is one political player who is always on the beat. Right now he is the talk in the country in political discussions. He is the common denominator. His political strides have big ramifications and ripples across the political divide in our political arena.

He moulds our politics and politicking. He is a newsmaker. He demystifies our politics irrespective of whether he is talking about real issues, or, creating political propaganda. His political antics leave a trail in his political base which proves that he is truly a political king.

And, if he isn’t addressing a political rally….he is addressing a press conference highlighting different topical issues relating to which the government of the day has failed to address.

Now, put into consideration his latest political antics where he has called for economic boycott sabotage for certain products and services of some companies.

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