But,can the Roman Catholic Church,be sacrificed at the altar and be condemned because of impropriety of a few weird priests?

……Following the so sudden and unprecedented stepping down of Pope Benedict,from the institution of The Papacy,in Vatican,critic writers flooded the media outlets with their written critic arguements criticizing the Catholic Church over what has dogged the church over the years-sexual abuses of children by paedophile priests.They summarized that benedicts’ 8yrs papacy was riven by scandals.

These critic writers have been basing their critic arguement on this by line ,while criticising the whole Roman Catholic church fraternity despite numerous apologies by the late Pope John Paul,and ,Benedict.

Even with the election of Pope Francis,they won’t relent on this criticism;his plate will be already full of issues.I was a taken back by the 21st March edition of the Daily nation,where it’s editorial cartoon had depicted Pope Francis being welcomed to a full plate of trivialities.The cartoon summed up that sex scandals,cover ups,corruption,dwindling congregation and priesthood ,married priests,female priests,gay and lesbians……….The Vatican needs a new constitution to deal with all that.

But,it’s the sex scandals that has become the whipping horse and being given a blanket condemnation despite it been a case in a numerous others which do happen in the society.The church has been treated unfairly despite the fact that there has been other cases similar to the ones which do happen in the society,but no finger is raised.

The scandal of hushed up sexual abuses of children by paedophine priests dates back decades ,also casted it’s shadow in the just concluded conclave which elected Pope Francis.The issue will require the new Pope’s guidance because it will be bombarded to him whether he likes it or not.

But,can the church be sacrificed at the altar,and,be condemned because of impropriety of a few weird individuals?

Methinks that although sins were committed ,the whole church shouldn’t be condemned wholesomely.According to the natural laws of justice ,each case should be treated on it’s merits and demerits,which means bringing culprits to stand for trials .Also the church should be open enough and desist the temptation of sweeping under the carpet the sins that are committed by it’s clergy.They should be renounced and excommunicated.

The U.S group,SNAP [Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests]had called for over a dozen cardinals to be excluded from the conclave either for covering up abuses ,or ,making tactless remarks about the scandals.

But,Vatican spokesman,Federico Lombardi,defended them and accused the SNAP and other activists of showing “negative prejudices”.

The sexual abuse controversy has figured prominently in the church and it is to be noted that this grave scandal was alleged to have been committed in the U.S.A which came to the fore in the early 1990s.

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