…….The big Question in the Kenyan political circle is……Do we review the constitution which has served us for close to 8 years? Is it the right time to make the necessary constitutional reviews and amendments to fine tune it? Has it served us well, or, it hasn’t to warrant a few reviews and amendments?……..

……..Right now the big question in the Kenyan political circles is ……do we review the constitution which has served us for close to 8 years? Is it the right time to make the necessary constitutional reviews and adjustments to fine tune the constitution? Has it served us well, or, it hasn’t to warrant a few amendments to align it with the current political demands?

This is the big debate which is trending in the political circles. There have been loud calls for the constitution review from various political interest camps, religious leaders, civil society groups, and, political activists all clamouring for the constitution review.

And, the matter has been further cemented by the political handshake that was initiated by President Kenyatta, and, the Opposition leader, Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga and his echoing foot soldiers seem to have taken advantage of the political handshake to call for constitution review.

The Orange Democratic Movement ( O.D.M) wing has taken the advantage of the handshake to push and clamour for constitutional amendments. And, this agitation was rubber-stamped by their party leader Raila when he was delivering his keynote address at the recent devolution conference in Kakamega.

In his address, Raila called for the constitution review to propose a change in the system of governance. He proposes an expanded system of governance under the Parliamentary system with a three-tier devolved government as it was stipulated and envisioned in the Bomas draft.

Raila Odinga is rooting for the constitutional amendments to see through the nine-point agenda they agreed on with President Uhuru. He has rallied his O.D.M troops behind a proposal to restructure the executive and introduce a three-tier system of governance.

He is quoted as saying that, “addressing some of these issues may require changes to some of our laws and even amendments to the constitution. When that time comes, we must be bold enough to pick up the challenge as a matter of duty to the nation”.

In principle, Mr.Odinga has called on Kenyans to revisit the 2005 Bomas draft on the basis that the current structure of the Presidency gives the holder of the office enormous powers and authority.

Under the Parliamentary system, Mr Odinga argues, the power in the national executive is exercised by ministers drawn from the majority party in the National Assembly.

But, his remarks and proposal and their echoing by the party top brass have raised political temperatures in the country as Deputy President, Wiliam Ruto, and his allies are opposed to any constitutional amendments ahead of the 2022 polls.

Ruto’s camp argues that any proposal to change the constitution will take the country back to another round of political campaigns to the detriment of peace and Jubilee’s party development agenda.

They are also arguing that such kind of governance will be too costly to the taxpayer. They further point out that the current system of governance we are enjoying hasn’t been fully utilized and envisioned …..it hasn’t fully entrenched in our system.

Deputy President, William Ruto, is reading a sinister motive behind the push for the clamour of constitution review. In his keynote address at the devolution conference, he said that we must fully realize the gains of devolution as it is now before embarking on constitution review to create more executive positions which will be costly to the taxpayer.

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