Kenya seems to be back to business, as usual, but we are mistaken there’s business unusual.  That there are fellow citizens still living in the unhomely camps whose hope of assessing their homes is like a candle in the wind something we cannot wish away.


That they are stranded with no sure plans of what to do or where to go disturbs any sober mind.  These are our brothers and sisters a majority of whom are innocent victims of greed and hatred.


We celebrated, after the signing of the peace deal accord, as normally and peace returned in our country and everyone was jubilant.  We didn’t comprehend that the aftermath of the violence left and inflicted serious wound on some people

But, why was the plight of the internally displaced people totally ignored and then thrown in the trash of dustbin?


Nobody thought about them, and with the signed peace accord which didn’t incorporate them, they do live to regret.  The political and ruling elite who should be at the forefront of addressing their plight, are only disagreeing and eye-ing at the political seats.


The internally displaced people were left to wander what befell upon them after the election.  The red cross and well wishers are the only groups who came to their rescue in their hour of need, the politicians just vanished in the thin air.  Most of the I.D.Ps were used to enjoy and lived a peaceful life and lived a well to do lifestyle without much a hassle, but in a flash of a second, they were reduced to just mere paupers.


The I.D.Ps are depressed both psychologically and physically due to the atrocities they were subjected to, which forced them to be refugees in their own country.  The conditions they are living in aren’t helping either.


Listening to the I.D.Ps narrating their ordeals and what they witnessed you only have to pity them as nobody is coming to their rescue.


But, why didn’t we put into consideration the plight of the internally displaced people when we were drafting and signing the peace deal accord?


It really bothers because nobody within the political circles seems to be concerned about their plight, their concern is to scramble and champion the power.  And with the onset of the long rains, and bearing in mind the fifthy conditions in those camps, which were best captured and aired in a documentary by a local T.v station, you only sympathise with them.


But, sometimes it really bothers when some people give a directive that internal refugees should return to their original homes.  Such people should ask themselves; where are they expecting these people to stay since their houses were burnt? What are they going to eat? Where are their children going to attend school, since they too were burnt?

The Government should come out with a grand elaborate master plan which should address the plight of this people, whether to resettle them, offer security, help them undergo counseling so that they can accept their predicament they are in.




The opportunity extended to all Kenyans to invest in the safaricom I.P.O is quite commendable.  This sale of shares has interested all and sundry.  What I don’t understand is why politicians have to smear everything with mud so that they can be seen to be doing something for the public.


The call for the sale to be put on hold because of the ownership dispute, and the perceived low share value, was indeed in bad taste.

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