After, the signing of the National peace accord by the two principals, that’s president Mwai Kibaki and D.P.M leader, Raila Odinga, which was mediated by the U.N secretary General, Dr. Koffi Annan, a windfall of peace relief hadn’t know peace since the controversial 2007 general election.  Instead, what they have experienced is a near holocost.  After being described as an island of peace for quite sometime, most people and the international community couldn’t believe, that, indeed, Kenya was burning. Kenya, was a haven peace for refugees from neighbouring unstable countries who seeek refuge in the country. But, in a flash of a second, just like an assasins bullet which smokes out a life, Kenya’s life was smoked out after declaration of president Mwai Kibaki as the winner by the E.C.K. With that stroke,hell broke lose, the country slipped into a abyss and everything was thrown into disarray, murders, burning and wanton destruction of property was the order of the day, human beings trans- formed to be devils. It’s in this regard, that, the two principal protagonists decided to sign a peace deal accord, bury their hatches and work together as a team in a grand coalition which will ray a beam of hope to million of Kenyans. But, in a rejoinder, will the signing of the peace deal trickle down to the mwanachi or will it be a case of sharing out power within the ruling elite at the behest of the masses? Will the mwanachi forgive his or her neighbour who attacked him, killed his or her family member or burnt his or her property? This are questions which oughts to be brought to the fore, of which begs for answers and which oughts to be addressed accordingly. The government needs to put proper machanism reinforced by good structures and measures which will ensure that the plight of internally displaced people are catered for, which will aslo ensure that their return to their homes and live harmoniously with their neighbours irrespective of their ethnic factor. The inhuman atrocities that were subjected to the Kenyans must be addressed and the perpetrators be brought to the book to face justice. We must also roll out on the table issues that has stood amongst us for quite sometime which are major stabling block to our endeavours which makes us quarrel, must be addressed once and for all to avoid tribal conflicts. But, for peace to prevail, Kenyans must rise up against tribal cacoons and accomodate each an every Kenyan irrespective of their tribe because the buck stops with the Kenyans. Where to find peace? There is a story in James Hewitt’s book “Illustration unlimited” about a couple who wanted to retire in the most peaceful place on the earth. For months, they researched all the inhabited places on the globe, and travelled far and wide to find their dream home.  They eventually found it. That chrismas, they sent their pastor a card from their new home…………… in the Falkland islands.  Shortly thereafter, their”paradise” was turned into a war zone by Great Britain and Argentina. The moral of this story is that there’s no guaranteed place of peace on earth. Kenya was a peacefull one moment: plunged into unrest the next. So where do we find peace? The secret is to find it within. God has given us unlimited resources to deal with any challenge and to remain at peace no matter what is going around us.

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