As the world turns green,it’ the right time to embrace and adopt the Bio-gas technology

In the kenyan households ,firewood and charcoal are a rare commodity which are searched like a precious stone.In the rural areas women have long became slaves to these fuels because they do spent considerable time in search of it.In these areas most people are economically challenged and they can’t afford the more precious liquefied gas,or,electricity..Firewood and charcoal happens to be the only options available.And,with the dwindling of forests and trees ,a scarcity of these fuels always looms,thus making women embark on a journey in search of these fuels.Women carrying loads of firewood,and,bicycles fully loaded with charcoal always characterizes the situation in rural areas and slums.

And,according to health experts,that smoke which is been emitted by these fuels after a combustion poses as a health hazard because it’s a poisonous carbon monoxide gas.To environmentalists these fuels are the ones which necessitates the environmental degradation because for them to be realized trees must be felled.

That’s why there’s a massive environmental campaign going all over the world for people to embrace and adopt the green technologies.People are being encouraged to conserve the environment and it’s eco-system by devising ways which won’t pollute.Even the products we do use ,it’s been advocated that we do use recyclable materials that will not pollute the environment.From supermarkets to shopping malls have made great strides in embracing recyclable bags.

A campaign that was initiated by the late environmentalist,Prof.Wangari Maathai,to conserve the environment has spread to all spheres of our lifes.The late professor had made it her duty to remind people on the importance of conserving their environment by adopting and embracing the green technologies .She advocated for the adoption of the bio-degradable products that will not pollute,and,at the end of it will help in conservation of trees.

The conservation of forests ,especially the indigenous trees was her main storyline.And,if there’s one injustice we have done to our environment ,then it’s wanton deforestation.The encroachment of forests to create human settlements and activities has led us into a collision course with mother nature which has precipitated the alteration of climatic weather patterns.So severe are these weather effects because it has led to adverse effects which has led to extinction of some flora and fauna.

In search of firewood,charcoal,timber and other tree products have forced people to cut down trees at an alarming rate.And,due to their scarcity in the market, then our trees don’t have any advantage left for them ,or,any other option to be saved ,and ,the last result they have to be felled.People have being challenged to think out of the box to create other alternatives to substitute the trees so that they can be saved.

And,that’s why in this light there has being a strong campaign for people ,especially those in rural areas to embrace the Bio-gas technology and solar power as an alternative for power and fuel.These alternatives are a bit economic,aren’t much involving and doesn’t pose a health risk to the people.Emphasis have being put on the bio gas technology because the components that are needed to constitute it’s formation are freely and readily available in the rural areas.

But,what’s Bio-gas?Bio-gas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.Organic waste such as dead plant,animal material,animal dung ,kitchen waste can be converted into a gaseous fuel called bio-gas.Bio-gas originates from bio-genic material and is a type of bio-fuel.

Bio-gas is produced by the anaerobic digestion ,or,fermentation of biodegradable materials such as biomass,manure,sewage and green waste.Bio-gas comprises primarily,Methane and Carbon dioxide and may have small amounts of hydrogen sulphide,moisture and siloxine.These gases can be combusted,or,oxidized with oxygen.This energy release allows bio-gas to be used as a fuel.

Been a flammable gas ,bio-gas which is produced after the fermentation of the cow-dung with urine acting as the catalyst happens to be the mostly common type of application to be used.Using a well structured enclosed man-hole which acts as the depositing tank ,cow dung is deposited there,where it mixes with the urine and after some days a gas is produced.The gas is harmless which is either harnessed for cooking ,or,lightening the house.This technology is being recommended for people to adopt,embrace because it’s cost effective and isn’t tedious.

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